On the Subject of Reviews
In the past, we have shared with you many ways to determine whether or not the home styling firm you’ve chosen to stage your house for sale is really up to the job. We have given you rock-solid advice about how to how to choose among the many home stylists Sydney has to offer. One of the considerations we’ve suggested is to check the reviews and testimonials on their website. Some companies offer an entire page on their website where people presumably tell you what a good job “Mix-n-Match Styling” has done for them in the past.
While consulting reviews from happy customers may give you a warm, fuzzy feeling about the company’s capabilities, there is a darker side to reviews and testimonials that you should take into consideration before you swallow the hype.
Sometimes reviews are written by the company’s publicists. Sometimes the reviews are written by the company owner’s Auntie Hilda. Some of the reviews, we’re told by one freelance writer we know, could be written by a total stranger to the art of home styling. Our writer friend says that she gets job offers by the bushel basket each week offering to pay her to write positive reviews about everything from toothpaste to fabric softener. The kicker is she need not be familiar with the product at all. (We are happy to report that she doesn’t accept such jobs.)
This is why, at Urban Chic Property Styling we don’t just offer to show you the kind words our customers share on our website. We also offer the names and phone numbers of our satisfied customers so you can call them yourself. You may, without reservation, take our reviews as accurate, sincere, and from-the-heart.
At Urban Chic Property Styling we treasure our reputation. We count that reputation among our customers and the people we work with as one of our greatest assets. We’ve been in business for a long, long time. Our Creative Director, Juliana Gowen, before she came to the home styling business, was a successful real estate sales agent who sold over $100 million dollars in Sydney real estate. Juliana spent over 25 years selling real estate and much of what she learned about the work of home stylists Sydney, she learned while selling houses, apartments, and even multi-million dollar waterfront properties. In other words, we would never steer our clients in the wrong direction. We safeguard our reputation at all costs.
What other people have to say about our services, we understand, is a very important part of our outreach to new customers. You’ve probably heard that “word of mouth advertising is the best promotion you cannot buy”. That’s a truth that is very dear to the heart of our closely-knit team. We are all equally committed to the satisfaction of our clients.
When it comes to positive reviews, even our set up and removal team has a fan club. It’s because we take every facet of our work very seriously. The delivery and, ultimately, the removal of our furnishings and décor, is a very big, though not altogether flashy part of what we do. If you’ve ever had the experience of having a piece of furniture brought into your home by careless removialists, you know that the resulting damage to the furniture itself, walls, floors and even ceilings can be a huge hassle. (We would be willing to wager that this sort of problem is the subject of many letters to other styling companies, but not one that finds its way to their “testimonial” page.)
At Urban Chic Property Styling, we understand that the concept of professionalism applies to every single phase of what you do. Our people and our delivery trucks meet the highest standards in moving. They are just as proud of their reputation as we are of ours.
So, before you choose your home styling company and swallow their reviews hook, line and sinker, be sure you confirm those reviews. If the company isn’t willing to put you in touch with their happy customers, you might be on the wrong track.
We hope that as you consider the services of home stylists Sydney, you will add Urban Chic Property Styling to your short-list. Give us a call today. Let us add you to our “happy client” list.

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