Colour can dramatically affect our mood and behaviour. With such a powerful impact on our mind and body, colour is an important factor to consider when deciding how to design, decorate and paint the interior spaces in your home. People’s different colour responses and preferences are subject to many factors, including personality, environment and upbringing. No matter what your personal colour preferences may be, considering the advice below will be beneficial when selecting colours to incorporate in your home.


Your bedroom should feel like a cosy haven, perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day, and the colours in this space should reflect that. Since colours evoke certain moods and feelings, you should consider choosing a colour that creates feelings of calmness and tranquillity for your bedroom, such as blue. You often see shades of blue in nature, for example in the sky or ocean, which makes it a great paint colour for an accent wall in your bedroom.

Blue is a traditional and classic hue that pairs well with many other colours, such as orange. Mixing these two complementary colour families is one great way to achieve a stunning bedroom design. When choosing orange accent pieces for your bedroom, opt for softer shades such as coral or tangerine, and for pieces such as throw cushions, blankets and vases. These objects are perfect additions and won’t overwhelm the space or become too distracting. You can think outside the basic blue, too! Try a playful marine blue wallpaper, like this one here, to achieve a luxurious feel. If you have dark, rich wood furniture in your bedroom, this wallpaper will provide a sense of brightness and serenity.

Good to know: Studies show that people who sleep in a blue bedroom sleep longer than those who sleep in other coloured bedrooms.

Dining Room

Since colour impacts your emotions and feelings, you’ll want to be extra cautious with the hues you bring into your dining room. Blue has been known to lower your appetite, so opt for a red, but don’t go overboard as this colour can increase your appetite.

Create visual interest and depth in your dining room by painting an accent wall a shade of red. Place neutral furnishings against it for a luxurious and modern effect. One of our favourite dining room accents is a vintage, wrought iron bar or tea cart. Bar and tea carts are not only practical but they make great statement pieces!

Good to know: Red can be seen as a romantic and passionate colour, so set the mood in your dining room with a candlelit dinner to provoke strong emotions.

Living Room

Your living room is a central location for family and guests to gather together and bond. Given its popularity and purpose, you will want your living room to stand out but also remain a relaxing hub in your home. Purple is an impactful colour and has historically been associated with royalty and wealth, so incorporate this colour into your living room furniture if you want to make a statement.

Go bold. Style with a purple accent chair against neutral walls to make it pop! If you prefer a more modest route, create a DIY art wall with hints of purple above neutral furniture pieces in your space, like these modular sofas here. This will create the perfect combination of stylish and cosy, and your guests will be entertained for hours.

Good to know: Looking to reduce emotional and mental stress? Choose purple lighting for your living room space, as it’s been known to help with that.

Creative Studio

Green is a soothing, natural colour. It evokes feelings of tranquillity, as it relates to the natural world around us, and represents good luck. It also enhances performance and stimulates productivity. Decorating your home with green can provide a soothing atmosphere along with calming effects. This is great to relieve any stress and get your creative juices flowing.

It’s important for a studio space to make you feel productive, creative, and happy, so pair green shades with yellow-green tones for the perfect pop of colour. Opt for a white metal desk and decorate the space with green accents such as plants, mouse pads, pen holders or interesting green artwork. This will create a gorgeous and modern environment to work and create in.

Good to know: Yellow activates the memory and inspires action, so add warmth, brightness, and cheerfulness to your creative space with yellow decor.

Colours are all around us, impacting different moods and behaviours in all of us, so keep these unique responses in mind when designing and decorating spaces in your home!

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