When we discuss the many sterling qualities of the real estate stylist, we usually speak about their artistic qualities and their furniture arrangement wizardry. We often forget that the best property stagers also have incredible talent in other arenas.

A really good property stylist has a wealth of information, for example, about the sundry repairs your home may need before it is ready to list for sale.
One important fact about today’s real estate investor is that they are eager to buy a property that needs no immediate or short-term repairs. They want the property to be “move-in-ready”. This means that if any of your home’s systems are questionable, those essentials must be repaired before the home is listed.

When we speak of your home’s systems we’re talking about the roofing, the plumbing, and the electrical system. Any of these systems can create big, ugly surprises for the new owner if they fail. Your prospective buyer will be paying attention to these essential systems when they are considering making an offer on your house.

While most stagers don’t claim to be electrical engineers or roofing contractors, they can quickly spot a problem. Naturally, they will encourage you to have such issues fixed so that the buyer will not be distracted by the flaw. When they are in doubt, they will be able to suggest a contractor to examine and give you a quote for having the problem solved.

Buyers are not eager to paint before they move. For this reason, your home stager will suggest paint colours that appeal to buyers across the board. Because your stager knows what colours your probable buyer will feel good about, the suggestions are founded in the psychology of staging. The goal of that mind-set is to select a neutral palette so that it will appeal to a broad range of potential buyers in a particular niche.

The same psychology applies in terms of the furnishings the real estate stylist will select for each room. From the rugs on the floors to the art on the walls, your home stager is trained to make your home irresistible to as many buyers as possible. Stagers spend lots of time and energy – and yes, dollars – in learning what makes each buying niche tick. Such information is the beating heart of the entire industry.

These qualities are the ones we automatically expect of a home stager. The skill set we don’t usually expect in a home stager is a working understanding of construction costs.
If you choose a well-seasoned and experienced property stager, he or she will be able to tell you whether or not the bathroom restoration you have in mind will cost more than it’s worth. What’s even more important is whether or not your restoration will resonate with the buyer. Your stager has priceless information that can help you be confident about where to invest your money to get the most return.

Knowing that your stager has a handle on the overall effectiveness of just about any upgrade project is one way in which this staging professional keeps the hounds of worry away from your pillow at night. Nobody wants to spend more money than absolutely necessary in preparing their house for sale. But you do want to invest each and every dollar it will take to get the best sale price possible. If you’ve chosen a really reputable staging company, that information will be available to you so that you can invest wisely in your process.

Probably the best bit of news about saving money with a good property stylist is the fact each investment you make with your stager’s advice is likely to multiply itself. Not only will your home be more beautiful, it will sell faster. A beautiful, tastefully elegant home will spend less time on the market. This can represent huge savings to the astute seller.

The real estate stylist who has the training and the experience to make your sale a big one is no further away than your telephone. At Urban Chic Property, we pride ourselves in being more than furniture arrangers. To our clients, we are valued partners of the real estate selling team. Call us today to find out how we can help with your real estate sale.

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