Selling a house can be one of the most stressful and demanding projects you undertake in your lifetime. Psychologists tell us that such a move can be as emotionally devastating as a divorce or the loss of a loved one. Yet some people compound the stress of an impending move by attempting to do all the work themselves. They are on a mission to save money. Just the procurement of furnishings to use in staging your house is many times more angst-producing that simply calling in a specialist who understands the ins and outs of furniture hire Sydney.

Now, we think saving money is a good thing, but we also think sanity has benefits. We think squandering your peace of mind is a questionable call. This is particularly true when you look at these facts: a house that has been professionally staged sells more quickly than one that has not. Not only do professionally staged houses sell faster, they almost always sell for more money than originally imagined. This means that in many cases, the entire staging process is offset by the higher value it produces.

The trick is comparing the cost of professional staging to the cost of your time and energy in orchestrating the process on your own.

Let’s take a look at the many challenges of furnishing a house. Few of us have enough furniture to outfit two entire houses. Even if we did have two of everything, the question of quality comes into play. If you are like most people, your household furnishings were purchased over time. Some are newer; others are old and could use replacing. This isn’t a judgement. It’s a fact.

Older, well-worn sofas and banged up tables may be comfortable and even treasured, but are they capable of putting your house’s best foot forward? Do you really imagine that you can set up a few milk crates to resemble a bed? Dressing a crate or a set of inflatable beds may not impress potential buyers.

Bear this in mind. With the Sydney housing market in flux as it is, even the best property stylists in our region are working overtime to produce more and better staging plans in order to satisfy buyers. With so many houses to choose from, buyers in our market enjoy the luxury of being more selective than ever. The competition for style and grace is at an all-time high. These buyers are not willing to settle for less.

Sellers who don’t understand how fierce the competition is may be in for an unpleasant surprise. Your best may not be good enough. That’s why smart buyers are bringing in the ultimate in dramatic styling and the finest in furniture hire. Sydney is engaged in a high-stakes game of chance, and if you’re selling now, you’ve asked to be dealt into the game.

Now is not a time for cutting corners or taking chances with this transaction. Selling your home is probably the biggest business transaction you’ll ever take part in. In a very real way your security for the future is tied to the investment you’re about to liquidate. We think there is no good reason to approach the sale with anything less than a very serious commitment to make the most of it.

By selecting your sales team carefully, you stand a very good chance of selling your home for more than expected even in this, a buyer’s market. With the excellent advice of your selling agent and an exceptional home stylist, your sale can be everything you’d hoped – all without the effort of self-styling, borrowing furniture from friends and relatives, and trying situate the pieces you’ve collected.

Before you finalise your decision to give DIY home staging a go, think carefully about the value of your time and your peace of mind. Measure the cost of professional services against the cost of not having them. Presenting the best possible image of your house with the best in furniture hire Sydney will result in a positive result. Presenting a less than perfect picture may doom your house to a long stay amongst other listings. Worse, there will most probably be a downward adjustment in price at the end. Which choice sounds better to you?

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