There’s very good news for property owners in Sydney’s Western Suburbs.

Recently, The Telegraph newspaper made a bold and beautiful prediction of growth for Sydney’s Western Suburbs that may inspire an exodus. Anyone who has been idly toying with the idea of selling their Western Suburbs property and moving elsewhere is sitting up and taking notice that investors are on the hunt for real estate there. Those who work at property styling Western Suburbs are gearing up for a new flurry of sales in the area.

This is all thanks to the proposed Western Sydney City Deal, signed by the NSW and Federal governments and eight local councils in March 2018. The deal has already captured the attention of developers, who are frantically scooping up all available greenfield sites in proximity to the proposed transport links.

According to real estate experts, housing prices in the area could jump another 15 per cent in the coming years. If you’re planning to sell, now is a very good time to strike while the iron is hot.

Of course, all this interest by investors means they intend to buy quickly before the price starts to soar so they can enhance their profit later. The attention, atop the very respectable housing prices already in place, makes any property in the area look very, very good for sellers.

The fact that investors may have flipping existing properties in mind doesn’t mean that you should ignore the important step of staging your property prior to listing it. On the contrary, just as it always is in the market place, the more irresistible your property is, the more likely it is to sell quickly. Investors are betting that a desirable property will only become more desirable as the infrastructure around it improves.

It would seem that property in the Western Suburbs cannot possibly help becoming more valuable. So, should you wait until the prices climb higher? That’s a decision only you and your real estate selling agent can make. It is, obviously, a tempting prospect. As in any financial investment program, you must rely on the best information available and implement your plan accordingly. The decision to sell a house is a complex one. Once the decision is made, you have more steps to take if you intend to cash in on this boom.

Styling your property ahead of listing can only help. Remember, the nature of the population in your suburban area will soon amp upward. More young executives and upwardly mobile millennial buyers who already seek a more laid-back lifestyle will flock to an area where they can get the way of life they want with handy access to transport. (HINT: Now is the time to beef up your telecommunications capability to meet the needs of these same buyers.)

With upward of 40,000 new constructs predicted in the next five years your competition in the real estate market is on the surge. New construction is a favourite of the millennial buyer because they feel more comfortable knowing that surprise maintenance issues like leaking roofs and system failures won’t be bothering them anytime soon. Now is the time to upgrade and prepare to show a perfectly maintained house.

A consultation with a good property styling company should be the first item on your “to do” list. Sometimes the list of problems to be done in a house can outstrip your financial ability to fix them. Together you and your house stylist can create a list of things that need to be addressed now, while you have the luxury of time and money to methodically get your literal house in order.

Also of primary importance is the fact that a good house stylist has intimate knowledge of the buying group you’ll be dealing with. Because the home staging industry recognises that meeting the desires of the buyers is critical, they invest heavily in research to determine each market segment’s nature. This information translates to how your house will be staged in order to capture the attention of your likely buyer.

Urban Chic Property Styling has been preparing homes for sale in and around Sydney for decades. In our many years of service, we have encountered just about every possible problem. Our experience and our knowledge of the buying public puts us in a superior position to help you get ahead of the move to the Western Suburbs.

When it comes to property styling Western suburbs, it is important to note that we were selling agents before we became property stylists. That gives us an extra layer of know-how that can prove invaluable when dealing with investors. We already know how they think so we don’t have to spend valuable time in the learning process. We can hit the ground running in order to make your sale faster and more profitable. You’ll be glad you called Urban Chic Property Styling.

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