Practice Makes Perfect

by | Mar 6, 2018

Practice Makes Perfect

In spite of the migration of young professionals to Sydney’s suburbs, there is no shortage of prospective home buyers looking for housing in Sydney’s CBD and inner-city suburbs. For those whose heartbeat is synced with the city’s there is nothing like an apartment to meet their lifestyle needs. The millennial buyer, whose ‘must have’ list includes being in the thick of it, is looking for an apartment with a WOW factor. That means professional property presentation Sydney that will showcase, not just the location, but also the lifestyle that goes along with it.

Real estate sales teams know that there is an element of hopefulness that helps to sell any piece of property. When a young couple looks at a house they see far more than the location. They also see shades of the family they will have and raise there, the Christmases they will celebrate, and even the swing set in the backyard.

They may be years away from starting that family, but the dreams are part of the appeal they experience. When young, upwardly mobile professionals view an apartment, they see more than the ceiling and walls. They also see themselves coming home from a long day at the office, flushed with success and ready to take on the next challenge. To them, the trappings of their successes are intertwined with the place they call home. The apartment must look the part before they will buy it.

It is here that property presentation Sydney professionals come into the picture. When one is dealing with older construction, it can be more challenging to make it irresistible to the millennial buyer. Building trends change and evolve. It can be difficult to retro-fit new dreams into an older package. It takes more than a little imagination and impeccable style to upgrade even a lovely apartment with an 80’s flair to fit the needs of an individual whose dreams are focused in the 2020s.

When you’re ready to list your Sydney apartment, know that you need an experienced home styling company on your sales team. Experienced stagers have had the years of practice necessary to know and understand the ways to transform a vintage floor plan into one that fits perfectly into a 21st century lifestyle. These professionals have the training and skills necessary to play up traditional architecture in an unexpected way. It’s a subtle artistry that can only come from years and years of successful practice.
The more often these teams are tasked with re-imagining tired old apartments, the more skillful they become at finding hidden treasure and putting it at centre stage for the potential buyers to see and appreciate. Their work is wizardry.

Lest you imagine that you cannot afford a home staging company, understand that the costs of staging your home are almost always lost in the extra profit such a service creates. It’s this stunning track record that has made property styling one of the lynchpins of real estate sales in Australia today.
Urban Chic Property Styling has been transforming Sydney properties for decades. Our design team leaders were successful selling agents long before they shifted their focus towards staging homes and apartments for sale. They brought their years of study beyond the sale of bricks and mortar – now they sell dreams as well.

Our team invests time, energy, and dedication towards knowing the markets and their component parts. These professionals understand the millennial buyer so thoroughly that they can practically read their minds. Such inside information makes it possible to know precisely which features and factors in your property will seal the deal, and then highlights them to create an irresistible presentation. They also know which little flaws exist in your property and the best way to make them fade into oblivion. It’s the product of years of experience.

When you are ready to list your apartment or home for sale, don’t settle for less. Make your investment in a commodity that’s proven itself time and time again. Your real estate transaction will probably be the biggest deal you’ve ever made. Don’t skimp on the property presentation Sydney. Instead, let our practice make your property perfect.

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