Professionally Staged Homes Sell Faster
If there is a single best argument for why you should employ a home stager to prepare your house for sale, that single sentence sums it up. There is a financial advantage styling your house professionally before you list it for sale.

When we think of selling our properties, we sometimes imagine that we’ll put it on the market as it is because we can afford to wait. Unfortunately, the way real estate is sold today makes this kind of thinking the worst selling strategy possible.

Today’s buyer begins searching for houses online. Buyers pore over the endless listings looking for a house that will steal their hearts. They look at hundreds upon hundreds of images of houses for sale. When they have seen a listing once, they often simply scratch that house off their list. After that, they look only at new listings. In other words, you really get just one chance to capture their attention.

After they have looked at online listings for days or even weeks something will finally grab their attention. It is only then that they will pick up a phone and call a real estate agent. Sadly, even the most persuasive selling agent will have trouble getting these buyers to look at your house in person at this point. They have seen this house online for weeks. If that house has been online for any amount of time, the buyer will have formed the opinion that something must be wrong with the house.
A house that doesn’t sell quickly becomes ‘old news’ in the eyes of buyers.

If that were not bad enough, that house becomes expensive old news to the seller. For every day the house stays on the market unsold, the expenses mount up. The electricity bills continue, as do the mortgage payments and the rates. The seller must still pay the insurance, the lawn maintenance, and the strata fees if applicable. A vacant, unsold house or apartment can become a money pit.
When you go the extra mile and bring in a professional home stager to help sell your home several things happen.

First of all, a professionally dressed house makes for better listing photos. A stager can dress your house so that it looks like the centrefold of a house magazine. When the images of your house show up online, they look sensational. They are often able to stop buyers in their tracks.

Secondly, understand that real estate agents make money by actually selling houses. They will devote their time to showing houses that are most likely to sell quickly and for bigger price tags. The more your house is exposed to buyers, the better the chances are that it will garner better offers. A quick sale will mean more money faster to the agent. (And to you, of course.)

Marketers have recently learned from scientists that buying decisions are driven by emotion. Over 90 percent of such decisions are made because something about the (car, dress, lipstick, house – you can fill in this blank) was irresistible. Not many buyers get emotional about a vacant house.

A staging professional is trained to look at your house’s personality and dress it accordingly. They are also trained to understand the buyer’s needs and preferences. With the information they gather through studies, focus groups, and valuable experience, the stager can practically predict the kind of person who will be interested in your house. With that information, they can use the advantage styling to add details designed to make your home irresistible. Bingo. Sold sign in the front lawn.

When you bring in a home staging professional to make your house look its best, you are doing everything within your power to ensure a higher yield on your housing investment. Ultimately, this comes down to seeing the return on your staging investment. With a small investment in having your home made to appeal to buyers, the money comes back to you by way of a higher selling price.

When you see the advantage styling can have on the sale of your house, you understand that you need to capitalise on your home’s every positive point. Allow the styling professionals at Urban Chic Property Styling to help you enhance those positive points and enjoy the fruits of your real estate investment.

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