Once upon a time, long ago, a real estate developer wondered if fixing one of the houses he’d built in a subdivision by installing furniture and fluffy new bath towels would impact the sale of the remaining units. In that instant, the industry of professional house styling for sale was born. No. There weren’t any fireworks, and the home itself didn’t glow so much that visitors needed sunnies to view it. The staged home simply inspired the potential buyers who entered the ‘display home’ so much that other properties within the development began to sell like mad. The rest is history.

Today, all around the globe, real estate selling agents’ first bit of advice to home sellers is, “Hire a staging company”.

This advice is particularly important in and around Sydney where housing prices top the scale. With lots of housing stock available and many buyers, the competition for housing sales is unbelievably keen. If you are planning to sell your property in the Sydney area anytime soon, you will need to take every positive step possible to make the home sell quickly and for the best price possible.

What do property stylists do? Some folks confuse the work of a home stager with that of an interior designer. Actually, the two jobs are very different.

An interior designer works to make your property speak eloquently about you and your personal style. This professional does everything possible to make the home yours. Your tastes and style will be reflected in the colour choices, furnishing styles, and even the nature of the art on the walls so that it is unmistakably yours.

A home stager has the opposite job. A styling company has the very difficult job of doing two things. First they must erase your ‘footprint’. When they are finished, home stylists will have neutralised the home so thoroughly that it is a blank slate on which new owners can project their own personalities. Naturally, it’s also a beautiful blank slate, one that appeals to a very broad range of buyers.

The other job a professional home stager has is to be certain that the property will please buyers who are looking at homes in your price range. It’s interesting to note that people in different economic strata want different things in the homes they buy. They have different tastes and demonstrate it in the way they furnish and decorate the home.

This is not as simple as, “accountant types like blue” and “factory workers prefer yellow”. The differences are far more subtle and much more deeply rooted. The psychology of home buyers differs from niche to niche, but the driving factors remain unchanging. All home buyers want stability, safety, comfort and security in a home. They don’t always agree on how those feelings are expressed, but the needs are the same. It’s the home stylist’s job to ‘read’ and ‘translate’ those emotions in a way that will strike chords in the buyers.

Big buying decisions, from homes to cars, are made in the part of the brain that controls emotion. That means it’s important for your home stylist to understand how your potential buyer reads emotional signals. House styling for sale means sending clear and compelling messages of comfort and security in the way your house is presented.

Today’s buyers, particularly in the Sydney area, are interested in more than a beautiful home. They are eager to have a nice place to live, but they are painfully aware that they are spending heavily. They are betting on the future return on their very large investment. You can count on these buyers to be looking for the best of the best. Fortunately, this is an easy wish to fulfill.

When it comes to house styling for sale, you want the same thing your buyer does. You want the best possible product for the most reasonable investment. As you select your professional house stylist, you’ll be looking for the company with the best reputation and the most impressive record of top-dollar sales that happen quickly with none of your profit wasted.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we have been transforming Sydney area homes for decades. Our record speaks for itself. When you’re ready to sell, allow us to help you inspire your buyer. You won’t regret it.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Lisa Sarah Designs.

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