Purposing an Unused Room
If you happen to be one of those lucky homeowners who actually have an unused room in your house, we congratulate you. When it comes time to stage your house for sale, however, such a room can be a liability, particularly if you leave it empty and unstaged. In the world of house styling Sydney, professionals will tell you that a room left without a clear purpose can throw something of a monkey-wrench into your sale. Buyers may wonder what to do with such a room.
Most sellers already know the importance of dressing and staging the home for sale. Not only do staged homes sell faster and for more money, they get shown more often by real estate agents. All of this works in your favour so don’t allow an unused room to languish. Put it to work.
Make it an Office
These days, since the advent of the internet, the number of people who work from home grows daily. It saves an employer money on equipment and the amount of space needed to operate and it also saves the employee transit time, and enables him/her to work at a more relaxed pace. This seems to be the way of the future, so equipping your spare room with a table you may already have, bulletin board, a computer, a printer, and a few office accessories can add value to that spare space.
Make it a TV or Games Room
It is not only the youngsters today who are mad about gaming. Even adults are drawn to the action and adventure of the gaming world. Why not set up that spare room to be a place to contain the noise and excitement. An entertainment centre to organise the pieces and parts of the gamer’s world, a monitor that can double as a television, a gaming console and a few comfy chairs are all that are necessary. If you’re like most people, you already have plenty of furniture to create this space in your home, but if you do not, ask your expert at house styling Sydney about the pieces available for hire through his or her company. It’s an inexpensive way to avoid an uncomfortable blank space. Add a few plants and a colourful jar of jelly beans, and the room will be effectively purposed.
If the space you’re working with is a basement, you should fight the temptation to make it just a storage place. Buyers will wonder why you aren’t using all that space. You may want to consult with your home stylist about making it a full-fledged home theatre, again using hired furniture to equip the room. Bring in a popcorn popper. You might also want to add a table for casual dining or board games in this area emphasising the many possibilities the room has.
The basement is another place where children’s activities may be showcased. Think about adding carpet tiles, book shelves, and transporting all the toys downstairs to make a mammoth play room. Particularly if you have a four bedroom home, where children are expected, it’s safe to create a space just for little people, or teenagers.
Make it a Guest Room
Think about creating a cosy space for overnight guests by adding a bed, night tables, a couple of lamps and a chair or two, and your room is instantly transformed into a guest bedroom. Add some soothing artwork and a rug to soften the edges by adding colour and texture. Choose neutral bedding, but be sure it’s pretty and the bed is perfectly made. Throw cushions are especially welcoming. Of course, the usual rules of home staging apply to all rooms within your home, but your home staging professional can make certain that everything remains neutral and appealing to the many buyers who will see your space as fully functional.
Remember to seek the help of the professionals. A poorly staged home or one that lacks the magical touches of a professional can be more of a liability than an asset. With all the homes on the market today in the area, you want to make a positive impression in the first few seconds of the buyer’s visit. He or she wants the house to be ready for a mental move in – a professional who knows house styling Sydney and its trends can make this happen.

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