Those who work in Sydney, and want a quick commute, look to the Inner West for the ideal home location. The proximity of the Inner West to the Sydney central business district makes it perfect for easy commuting. City workers can access the CBD by train, light rail, ferry, and bus from the Inner West, providing a perfect link to the city job and vibrant inner city living. For these reasons and many more, this area is a magnet for home buyers, according to specialists in property styling Inner West.

The Inner West reflects its development in the early years of Australia’s history. Architecturally, the Victorian (1840-1900) and Federation (1901-1914) periods of architecture are well represented in this area. Geographically, the Inner West encompasses the area along Parramatta Road, which links the City of Sydney with the City of Parramatta.

From shopping malls to cafes and fine dining, the Inner West has something for everyone in terms of shopping and eating experiences. Recreation and entertainment abound, and the pockets of ethnicity make for a rich cultural exchange. It’s no surprise that homes and apartments in this area are growing more popular.

If this sounds like the perfect place to sell a home, you could be right. But, there’s more to selling here than meets the eye.

Because the market competition is keen in these neighbourhoods, real estate selling agents are very likely to suggest you employ the services of a company familiar with the process of sales in the area so that you can make the most of your real estate transaction. An amazingly effective sales tool, the process of staging homes in highly competitive areas tends to ensure a sale that’s fast, but also reflects a sales price that exceeds the asking price. The laws of supply and demand dictate that the more appealing the house is, the more money it brings at closing and the faster that sale will take place.

Professionals who undertake property styling Inner West must develop and maintain a reservoir of inside information about the prospective buyer who will ultimately locate here. Such home styling professionals spend much time and money learning exactly what makes this property buyer tick.

By using research, focus groups, and surveys, these real estate experts learn everything they can about the prospective buyer in order to prepare individual homes to virtually sell themselves. Knowing what the buyer likes in terms of colour choices, furniture preferences, and other intimate details of the buyer’s lifestyle makes the home feel “move-in ready’, a prerequisite for nearly every home seeker in today’s market.

The property stylist’s job is to make your home so appealing as to be irresistible to the right buyer. They do this by first helping the homeowner to prepare the home for sale. This includes the processes of decluttering, depersonalising, cleaning, repairing, and putting on the final touches, which means furnishings, art and décor to make the home attractive to a broad range of buyers. The more people who fall in love with the property, the better the chances are of selling your home for a sensational price.

Working with a truly outstanding real estate selling team hinges upon having the services of an experienced home stager with a solid background in real estate sales. Stagers who have also been selling agents have a better understanding of the psychology of sales. We think of buying a house as a financial decision. Actually it is as much about emotion as it is about affordable payments. When the “love at first sight” moment happens, the sale is almost a certainty. In a very real way, your property styling company is something of a matchmaker.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we have been creating matches that last for decades. Our experience in property styling Inner West makes us the company to choose when it’s time to sell your property. Allow us the opportunity to make your home the perfect place for a new family to put down roots. Call us today.

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