Choosing a property styling company for your upcoming real estate sale can be difficult. With an ever-growing glut of new house staging companies popping up on every corner in Sydney, those who seek to sell their homes for top-dollar can become confused. The sheer volume of home stagers clamouring for their attention and their business can be overwhelming. Property styling for sale is as much about science as it is about art, and it’s a vocation for which not everyone is qualified. Here are a few ways in which you can safely qualify the company you select to stage your home for sale.


Unless related by marriage or birth, you would probably not hire a contractor who has never built a house before to construct your dream home. You automatically understand that practise and practical experience make perfect. This rule applies to home stagers as well. If you’ve ever tried to stage your own property for sale, you already know the thousand things that can go wrong..

Little things such as the mismeasurement of a sofa or the failure to consider the colour of a new tile splashback under harsh fluorescent lighting can set you back days and dollars. Such errors happen every day in the home staging business. The mathematical odds of an expensive mistake being visited upon you correlate directly with the number of homes your stager has dressed. The more times your staging team has successfully completed a house, the better the odds that your home will also be done right.


The number of years of experience a company has under their collective belt can actually be counterfeited. Don’t allow yourself to simply believe the statements you see on a website. After all, the internet contains more than a few untruths and, when it comes right down to the dollars in your pocket, they ought to be challenged. Years of service are just the beginning.

Neither should you ever believe the ‘reviews’ you read on any website without verifying them. (Many freelance writers around the world earn their bread and butter writing glowing product and service reviews without the first inkling of whether or not they are true.) Ask people you know. Ask the company you’re dealing with for names and addresses of satisfied customers – then follow up with a phone call. The Romans had it right: caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware.


Many home staging companies hire furnishings from vendors as and when they are needed. You might think that such a practice ensures that you will have the best and newest furnishings possible for your home. That is not necessarily so. If you select one look for your house, complete with a particular style of furniture, you can be sorely disappointed if the vendor in question is fresh out of the lamp table or sofa you initially chose. You may have to settle for whatever is available.

Look instead for a company that owns and maintains a large inventory of furnishings. Companies that specialise in property styling for sale recognise the value in providing precisely what they promised. You won’t have to settle for less.

The fact that a company has invested in good quality furnishings also means that they probably have an installation staff and fleet of trucks that deliver, install, and uninstall the products when the time comes. When it comes to moving furnishings and installing art, practice and experience is just as valuable as knowing how best to stage a property. An inexperienced mover can leave a pristine home with holes in the walls, scratches on the hardwood flooring, and scuffs on the ceiling. Careless movers can cost you big bucks.

Choosing a home staging company really is easier that it might appear in the beginning. When you think about the important factors of experience, reputation, and inventory it becomes clear that there are really far fewer qualified companies that can provide quality property styling for sale. Urban Chic Property Styling is among the few companies that meet all of these qualifications. Our decades of experience have earned us a reputation we proudly protect. We invest in quality furnishings, qualified movers, and deliver flawless services to our valued customers time after time. You need search no further for the best property styling company in the greater Sydney area.

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