As Sydney’s overall economy improves, one type of business is taking the city by storm. As jobs and people flood into the city, homes are at a premium. The market and its competition is so keen that real estate sales experts tell us the key to getting the most for your property depends upon the quality of the home staging and property styling Sydney sellers choose.

While agents already swear by the results professional home staging creates in real estate sales across Australia, it’s even more critical here and now as Sydneysiders vie to make their properties the best they can be.

The results are fairly universal. Home staging, when done well, can reduce your home’s time on the market dramatically, saving you a lot of cash.

Another, more subtle advantage good staging gives the seller is that savvy real estate agents know a great house when they see it. If your home is exceptionally staged, selling agents will flock to show it. Why? Because their job is to sell homes and a staged home sells faster and for more money. Bingo! Everybody walks away happy.

Once thought to be the realm of only the wealthy, home staging has become the tool of choice in the real estate world. Along with superb photography, home staging is actually likely to sell your home before the buyer even leaves his or her own home. Most buyers start their home search on the internet by browsing the listings online. Long before the prospective buyer even calls a selling agent, he or she has more than likely picked a shortlist of four or five homes from the many hundreds viewed on the web.

When the buyer actually enters your home, assuming your place made the cut, he or she will decide in a matter of seconds whether it’s the right home or not. It’s all about the presentation. The overall impression of the home, which is, of course, what home staging and property styling Sydney is all about, will either be irresistible to buyers, or they’ll pass. The key to that connection is a little more about data than it is about art.

Real estate staging professionals depend heavily for their success on knowing the buyers inside out. With constant focus on the choices in style, colours, and tone, stagers spend time and money on research, surveys, studies and focus groups to know exactly what the buyer is looking for – then they make it happen in homes across the country.

Stagers feature these more obvious buyer favourites, but they also work to establish a sense that the home is ‘move in ready’. A well-staged home shows no sign of work waiting to be done, no lawn in need of trimming, no walls wanting paint, no rattle in the air-conditioning unit. The home, when a stager finishes, feels as if your buyer could walk in and sit down to dinner this evening without the first worry. It’s about the welcome. This sense of comfort and belonging, in part, is the dream real estate agents and home stagers sell.

You may wonder why such feelings can’t be created by the DIY home stager, and, you’d not be too far off base. Certainly, many homeowners do their own staging, but having the inside scoop on the ever-changing nature of the buyer makes the process easier and more effective. The other half of the equation is that perfect furniture, art, and decor brought in as a package that thematically joins the whole of the house in a ‘dream home’ atmosphere can rarely be achieved by the amateur stager. Owning the ideal appointments is not possible for most of us.

When the time comes to sell your home, bring in the professionals at home staging and property styling Sydney has come to count on. Urban Chic Property Styling is just a telephone call away with the experience, the hardware, and the expertise to make the sale of your home the big real estate transaction of your dreams with none of the hard work and hassle. Call us today and see how we can help make those dreams come true.


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