Selling a home or apartment in one of Sydney’s popular inner suburbs can be much easier than you might imagine. Areas like the Inner West are growing in popularity because they provide easy access to the city and a vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyle. However, since the real estate market in these areas is so hot, sellers must be prepared to go the extra mile in preparing their homes for sale. These areas beg for professional property styling Inner West if you want to capture top dollar on your sale.

The property ‘menu’ in Sydney’s Inner West is delightfully diverse and can provide the perfect home for just about anybody. This means that your home, with the right presentation, can reward your investment in a big way. When you market to the right buyers, the chances of getting formidable offers increases and can even surprise you with outright bidding wars over your home. This ideal situation requires assembling the best sales team you can find and a possible attitude adjustment on your part.

Often, homeowners’ attachment to their property can create some difficulties when it comes time to sell. In order to get the highest offers and the quickest sales, sellers must be prepared to cut all ties to the property in question. They must say goodbye to what was their home and begin to view it as the asset it is. In other words, leaving it to the professionals is the very best way to proceed.

A qualified home stager will ask you to wrap up your fond memories and put them into storage for the duration of the selling process. Your family photos have to go. The colours you like to surround yourself with no longer matter very much. What does matter is creating a property that embodies the qualities the buyers in your particular market are looking for. To do this, your home stylist may ask you to repaint the walls in neutral colours according to the plan you’ve decided upon. The name of this game is preparing your old home to meet new owners who have ideas of their own about what a home should look like.

Your sales team, the selling agent and your expert in property styling Inner West, will work with you to make your home into a blank slate where new owners can imagine their own lives moving forward. Not only will your house become less you, it will also begin to demonstrate the aspirations of others.

When people view a home, they see it as a place to start being all they want to be in life.
Interestingly, the hopes and aspirations of prospective buyers are in charge when they are in the market for a new place to conduct their lives. Emotion drives real estate sales more than any other factor. In fact, up to 95 percent of the decision-making process hinges on the way the buyer is impacted emotionally by your house. Fortunately, your sales team understands that fact and knows precisely how to dress your home to fit buyers’ needs.

The art to successful home staging is tied to kindling the buyers’ imagination so that they can see their own family within the walls of your home doing well and being successful and happy in every way. The psychology of the sale is an enormous part of the biggest business deal you may ever undertake, so do yourself the favour of engaging the help of the best home stagers you can find.

At Urban Chic Property Styling we have a long and lucrative history in and around Sydney. We have been creating irresistible homes for many years and can do the same for you. Not only do we have proven experience, we also have all the tools necessary to make your sale a successful one. We own the furnishings, and we own the trucks that will deliver them. Our installers are professionals who are expert in setting up and removing the trappings of success your buyers will be looking for. In other words, Urban Chic Property Styling is a one-stop-shop for property styling Inner West or any other Sydney suburb. Let us help you to a real estate win.

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