Reimagining Your Home

Most of us are guilty of not actually seeing our homes. We have grown so accustomed to the view from the living room window that whether the curtains are open or closed, we see it all in our mind’s eye. Unless we are actively engaged in an updating project, we simply take our homes for granted. When we are ready to sell our properties, however, there is an urgent need to take a long, fresh look at the home in order to accomplish the house styling for sale that has become an integral part of the real estate world.

In today’s real estate industry, top-selling agents agree that the first thing a home owner must do to ensure a quick and profitable sale is to have the home styled. Essentially, this process involves bringing in a professional property stylist, or home stager, to refurbish the property. This can mean fresh paint, a different set of furnishings and décor to better match the style of the home, or it might just mean rearranging the furnishings that exist already.

Another trick of the property styling trade is the delicate art of repurposing unused spaces. You might not notice that dead space on the stair landing or consider placing a table or bench there, but this is the kind of thing home stagers do best. Through the fresh eyes of your home stylist, your property becomes more interesting to buyers. What you may have seen as a difficult transition from the dining area to the living space in your family room, the stylist sees as a perfect opportunity to make a dramatic statement with a chandelier or a colourful rug to make the entire room pop.

With a rich imagination and a solid understanding of what buyers in your target market are looking for, your stylist will know, for example, whether the fourth bedroom should be left as a bedroom or converted to a home office or a play room. Their proprietary information gives them the tools to reinvent your space so that it appeals to a wider range of buyers. That translates, ultimately, into more and higher offers.

Because a good professional home styling company will have a large inventory of furnishings in different styles, they can change up the style of your house from Shabby Chic to Hamptons Style in a flash. By adding the fresh, beachy neutrals, crisp linens, and a piece or two of driftwood your house can suddenly appear to belong on Long Island, New York — home of the rich and famous.

On the other hand, if your home begs for traditional furnishings, your stylist will have you covered. You can imagine it as having hired a portrait painter – you should assume your artist has every colour at his or her fingertips. That’s the mark of a real pro.

Once upon a time you only heard about house styling for sale on reality television, or in slick magazines that follow the lifestyles of the affluent. Now that the secret is out, people from all walks of life are using the tools of property stylists to sell real estate all around the globe. That’s because property styling works.

Top selling real estate agents know that an initial investment in property styling can result in an e increase in the sale price. The practice of property presentation is quickly becoming state of the art. With that said, however, know that poorly done property styling does exactly the opposite. A badly styled house may never be seen.

Buyers first look at homes on the internet. The information super highway is the place buyers go first to view the listings, and unless your house captures the buyers attention there, it may sit vacant for months, continually draining your bank account. When it comes to home sales, the best approach is to treat it just like the business it is.

If you are planning to sell your biggest investment for a large profit, you’re best plan is to bring in the professionals who thoroughly understand house styling for sale. Partner with professionals who can put your home on the cutting edge of the Sydney real estate market. Call Urban Chic Property Styling for a consultation and discover what reimagination can do for you.

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