There is a virtual flooding of people out of Sydney into the outer suburbs. There are lots of reasons for that. The housing prices in Sydney are certainly the most compelling. But there’s also city-fatigue, looking for a more laid-back lifestyle, and the desire for an actual home with, perhaps, a yard to mow and a little spot for gardening. There is also a dynamic that is showing itself more and more these days, according to those whose specialty is property styling Western Suburbs. The flood out of Sydney can be explained, in part, by the phenomenon of the remote worker.

While executives and other members of the corporate hierarchy are gleefully moving into Sydney for new and exciting positions that require their physical presence on a daily basis, others are moving away from that particular daily grind. They are riding the wave of remote working that has surfaced in countries around the globe.

Employers have learned that people will work from home, supply their own equipment and their own internet connections if allowed to do so. Not needing to supply office space and equipment frees the employer to do other things with his money. Joe Worker Bee now does his work, wearing his pyjamas if he pleases, somewhere in that suburban home far, far away from the city’s buzz and bustle. Everybody ends up with a smile.

If you happen to be planning to sell your home or apartment in the Western suburbs, be advised. Adding an office work space is a great idea that’s bound to pay off in the sale price.

Working from home is not as easy as some might imagine. It requires some space, a closeable door or two, some wiring realities, and lots of discipline. Getting up every day and working without the previous hassle of the commute to the office can trap some home workers. Those people rely on the time leading up to that moment when they face their keyboard to prepare mentally for the day. Those who work from home tend to just grab a coffee and go, with no preludes. If you, as a seller, want to help them – and they will recognise the effort – you can give them a dedicated space.

If you have multiple bedrooms, you can always have your home staging professional add the accoutrements to create an office area, but understand that some preliminary effort is necessary. Check with your internet provider. Is the wiring in the home sufficient to handle broadband service? Is such a service available where you live? If not, what can be done to make it available? Find out who provides such services and have that information on hand for your selling agent.

The office need not be a dedicated space, particularly in smaller homes and apartments. But it’s useful to have a door to close away the day’s work in order for your buyer to “go home from the office” at the end of the day. If it’s a home where children are likely to reside, that door has other, more practical applications involving boisterous activities and untimely interruptions.

There is no reason that the office space cannot double as a guest room, either. Ask your property styling Western suburbs specialist to take that option if there is no other place for overnight visitors to sleep. Your designer does this all the time and knows the drill very well. Remote workers have their own set of needs and requirements so, if you take the time to fill them, they will come.

Finally, understand that even empty-nesters and slaves to the daily commute also need a place to pay their bills and surf the net. The idea of having a space, however small, to do such things and file away their monthly bank statements, will be received in gratitude.

When you consult with your specialist in property styling Western Suburbs, be sure to discuss this and other concerns you may have about making your property as attractive as possible to the new workers/buyers who will ultimately own your home. At Urban Chic Property Styling, the Western suburbs are a well-known part of our service area and it would be our pleasure to help you make the most of the possibilities your home has to offer to the remote worker.

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