Sometimes, when preparing their homes for sale, owners regret the fact that their kitchens are without some of the fancy bells and whistles that newer, custom kitchens have. Things like custom pantries and special slide-out and up shelving can, indeed, make a big impression on buyers and create a distinct advantage styling a home for sale, however, that doesn’t mean that such eye-catching organisational wizardry is out of reach. Today, a homeowner can take advantage of pre-fab kits and inserts to make their kitchens just as clever as more custom cousins.

Here’s a list of cool add-ins to up-scale your kitchen without tearing down the existing cabinetry.

Pantry System

When builders get ready to customise a kitchen with a pantry system or other slick kitchen additions, they – brace yourself – buy a kit to install. You too can do this after the fact. It’s easier, we admit, to build such a system in while the kitchen is not yet closed in, but cabinet doors can be removed, as can shelves. The trick is, as usual in construction projects, knowing the importance of measurements.

Whether you do this with the help of a handyman or on your own, measurements are critical. When working with an existing skeleton, the tiniest fraction of a centimetre can make or break your project. We suggest you take the time to discuss this or any other kitchen upgrade with your house stylist and get advice about getting excellent help. Your home stylist will know a good kitchen cabinetry specialist to whom such a project will be a walk in the park. The finished job is likely to send your house’s value soaring.

Recycle Bins

While inspecting a home for sale, today’s largest pool of buyers, the millennials, are excited to see things that smack of eco-friendly living. These buyers are committed to the health of the planet and very much concerned with the saving of energy and resources. Adding a slide-out recycle bin unit is an excellent way to capture the buyer’s attention.

You can retro-fit such a system for under $100 plus the cost of installation. Of course, there are a variety of systems in a number of configurations to meet your particular need.

Wasted Corner Space

Kitchens that were designed with wasted space in corners are even correctable with systems that help a blind corner see the light of day again. Blind corner cabinet kits make use of a straight cabinet that fits into one side of a kitchen corner. This shelving can be pulled out to gain access to a second set of shelving that houses items in the rear of the corner. These blind corner shelving units are designed to maximise the use of the space and allow easy access to items stored in the rear of the cabinet.

The Long Reach

Kitchens (or bathrooms) with large, deep storage cabinets can be easily transformed with the addition of pull-out shelving that makes items stored at the rear of the cabinet more easily viewed and reached. Such features, when added, create advantage styling that pleases prospective buyers who understand that out of sight if often out of mind. Having storage is nice, but it is better to have storage that is truly accessible.

The Appliance Lift

In today’s cook’s kitchen, the heavy-duty stand mixer is often the most prized possession. Such appliances are often used for everything from mixing cakes to grating vegetables and making pasta. These appliances can be large and heavy, taking up a sizeable portion of the kitchen’s counter space if left out, and difficult to move if they are put into a cabinet of their own.

The answer is to add an appliance lift to one cabinet. This clever lift-up will make the appliance quickly accessible when needed, and out of sight when not. This addition to your kitchen will make a buyer who loves to cook sing your praises and may even seal the deal in the buyer’s eyes.

The point here is, don’t imagine that your kitchen cannot be made to boast new and innovative cabinetry functionality just because it was not designed with such in mind. Browsing the websites of stores that sell cabinetry will introduce you to dozens of kits that can give your kitchen the advantage styling your buyers are looking for. With the help of your home stylist to find the features that will boost your home’s value, you can upgrade your kitchen quickly without breaking the bank.

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