Like ripples in a still pond, the real estate market is migrating ever outward from Sydney’s Central Business District, into the outer suburbs. With increasing transportation infrastructure, it’s become possible to live in more affordable housing in family-friendly neighbourhoods with a perfectly do-able commute to the city for work. Experts in property styling Western Suburbs tell us that not only are families pushing toward the communities which make up the Western Suburbs, so are those in search of investment properties.

With more affordable property prices in suburban areas such as Blacktown, Camden, Canterbury-Bankstown, Campbelltown, Fairfield, Liverpool, Parramatta and Penrith, real estate investors are very interested in acquiring homes and apartments in the suburbs so that they can enjoy healthy returns on their investments down the line. They don’t have far to look in the greater Sydney area.

If you are planning to list your Western Suburbs property for sale, you can benefit greatly by understanding that investors are looking for properties with excellent potential rental returns and they don’t mind paying for them. For this reason, it’s a good idea to employ the best property styling firm you can to do the prelisting preparations that ensure a top sale price. Fast sales are also important to home sellers and an excellent property styling firm can help create an atmosphere where buyers compete vigorously to net a particularly viable home or apartment.

To put it plainly, selling your home in today’s suburban market will depend heavily on your willingness to prepare properly for the sale. This means going through the process of decluttering, depersonalising, and cleaning out the essence of your family in order to make room for the new owners.

Your home stagers will help you to make decisions that will reinvent your home in a way that will appeal to a broad range of prospective buyers. There are a thousand tricks to the home staging business, but the primary goal is to make your home irresistible to more buyers. This is best accomplished by making the home feel as if it would be possible for the buyer to simply unpack a suitcase and be at home. We call this condition “move in ready”, and it’s one of the keys to a quick and lucrative sale.

The prospective buyer wants no red flags, nor does he or she want to see undone chores. Buyers do not want to be met with an exterior in need of paint or leaking taps. Such warning bells tell them unhappy news — that they will have work to do before they walk through the door, and that the home may be in need of maintenance that has been deferred. To the prospective buyer, these things mean an outlay of money in addition to the price of the home, and even if they want the property badly, they are likely to offer less money for it to compensate.

Your property styling team works overtime to be certain that such warnings are eliminated before the new owner claps eyes on your front door. If you wish, your designers will even obtain quotations and supervise any necessary work as part of your contract with them. This frees you to do the things busy people must do on a daily basis. Moving and selling a home, after all, is a job of mammoth proportions. If you can delegate such tasks, you are ahead financially in the long run.

Speaking of money, the investment you make in property styling Western Suburbs will almost certainly come back to you in the ultimate sales price. Well prepared homes can sell for more than the asking price. Those same homes also sell quickly. Unstyled properties may sit on the sidelines for months. More income and hefty savings are among the best reasons to trust your real estate investment to a reputable property styling company prior to listing.

When you’re ready to list your Western Suburbs home or apartment for sale, call Urban Chic Property Styling to discover how we can help you maximise your property sale.

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