If you’ve got an urge for new scenery, now just might be the time to consider a move. In light of new strategic plans for Sydney’s suburbs, now is a sensational time to sell your property. As Sydneysiders seek a more relaxed lifestyle and look to a suburban way of life, it could be the perfect time to call in a real estate agent and a specialist in property styling St George, in order to take advantage of the trend towards growth.

St George is an example of a suburban area where quality of life abounds already. A few months back the news hit the street that the Greater Sydney Commission has big changes in store for the St George area and Sutherland Shire. What they’re calling the Eastern Harbour City and the several districts represented within it are in for a strategic makeover in the next 20 years. The population here will swell by another 200,000 as new jobs in the area become available and the strategic plan is set to provide housing to match that growth.

The strategic plan seems to be a thorough one, keeping in mind the things that make St George so desirable in the first place. Ultimately, there will be improvements to infrastructure including transport, schools and health facilities as well as public places, all of which will make this corner of New South Wales even more desirable. Property values in this area are going to boom.

If, however, that kind of growth isn’t your cup of tea, and you are not keen on living in a more crowded city, now is probably a good time to consider changing your base of operation.
In today’s market, Sydney siders are seeking a more relaxed lifestyle and looking to find a more suburban way of life. St George certainly fits that bill. The market segment known as millennials has its eye on the way of life we enjoy here, but because that group of buyers tends to prefer new construction, preparing your home for sale in this area will probably require a few extra steps.

Now more than ever, it’s important that your home sales team includes someone who is experienced in attracting the interest of these cautious young buyers. Fortunately, people who make up the home styling industry invest heavily in profiling the millennial buyers. Because their segment dwarfs the previous heavy-hitters, the baby boomers, millennials and their needs are of great importance to anybody who wants to sell a house.

If you plan to sell in the St George or Sutherland Shire area, using a home staging company whose expertise in the suburban market only makes sense. Someone who is also familiar with the intimate details of the millennial way of life is also critical to making the high-end scale you’re looking for. Choose your home staging company carefully.

Your real estate selling agent may have suggestions about home staging companies. Your friends and neighbours may also have had success with such a company and can make suggestions. The most important factors in choosing your stager are plenty of experience and previous successes. Having a staging company with decades of practice and a roster of happy clients will set you on the path to an incredibly profitable home sale.

What you must do in your preparation for your real estate adventure is to understand that selling a home is a very big deal. For years you have made monthly investments – also called mortgage payments – in this asset. Now that you want to get your money back out, you’ll need to bring in the heavy hitters.
Let us guide you through property styling St George. When you are ready to sell your home, make the most of your big opportunity. Do everything you might if you were about to sell a multi-million dollar business venture. That means bringing in the professionals, getting their advice, and then acting on it.
It would be our great pleasure to help you with your property styling St George. Allow us to show you how to appeal to the millennial buyers who are now knee-deep in the Sydney market. Let us prepare your house for a new owner who is willing to buy it quickly and pay far more for it that you would have imagined.

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