Finding a way to maximise and profit from the sale of a home or apartment is the name of the game in the Sydney property market. Not surprisingly, there are certain advantages one can gain. The savvier the home seller is about the tricks of the trade, the better their chances that the home will sell for more money than expected, and quicker than anticipated. However, for vendors lacking experience in staging property, it’s wise to seek out the help of team-mates who can pin-point where these advantages are waiting. Among these prime opportunities to catch the golden ring is to make the most of the advantage of being a ‘new listing’.

When you understand that the home shopper of today spends countless hours online sifting through the real estate listings day after day, you will doubtless know that after about day three, the buyer simply views properties marked as newly listed. Depending your chosen real estate agency’s policy, your home may be able to linger among these new listings for a few weeks. Once your property falls off that list, however, it is old news.

It only makes sense that your prime time to sell is within those first few weeks. How can you better ensure that your home will sell in those first weeks? Fortunately, statistics tell us that homes that are properly prepared for listing with the help of a professional property stager, generally sell far faster than an unstaged home. Even better; a staged home almost invariably sells for considerably more than the original estimated value – from 15 to 20 percent higher on average.

Many sellers remain reluctant to invest the money necessary to stage a home professionally. What they may not understand is that staging a home costs about one to three percent of the original estimated market value of the house. When one weighs that small investment against the 15 to 20 percent increase in price, it becomes abundantly clear that professionally staging property is one of the really big advantages a seller can use to the fullest.

Unfortunately, the seller may decide to list his property vacant and unstaged in the beginning, just to see if it might sell as is. If the property does not sell right away, the decision to invest in staging is made. Sadly, it comes too late for the home to be among the ‘newly listed’ properties. In short, stage your property BEFORE it goes on the market for the first time if you want to capitalise in a big way.

There is also the love component. With housing prices still climbing, buyers are on the look-out for all the extras and bonuses they can find. Particularly in the super-heated Sydney market, a house or apartment needs to display as many bells and whistles as it possibly can if it is to compete seriously. The good news is that a professional home stager can supply all the bells and whistles necessary to make a buyer fall in love with your piece of property. Scientists now tell us that the “logic” in home buying decisions is overshadowed by the 90 percent emotion that actually drives the sale. Once love at first sight has been kindled, and the buyer is emotionally committed, the sale is all but made.

Urban Chic Property Styling has been bringing the love factor into real estate sales for decades. Before we were staging properties, we were selling them as very successful selling agents. We know the ins and outs of the business of selling homes and apartments throughout Sydney. That experience, along with the flawless reputation we have developed over the years, gives our clients the ultimate property styling advantage.

Creating advantages and using them to their full potential is what it takes to compete in the Sydney real estate market. When you decide to list your property for sale, call in the professionals at Urban Chic Property Styling to give yourself and your property the gold standard in staging property.

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