How to Sell Your House in a Pandemic

by | Sep 16, 2020

There are a few words we’re getting tired of hearing lately, such as ‘unprecedented’ and ‘pandemic’. Another one is ‘pivot’. However, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing in our property styling of late. After all, property styling is not just about making a home look sensational when it goes on the market (though we do that, of course), it’s also about making sure your home ticks the boxes for the wants and needs of current buyers. And these wants and needs have changed.

Lockdowns and self-isolation are fresh in buyers’ minds and many are still working at home, and planning to continue to do so at least 2-3 days a week. Between home schooling and Zoom meetings Sydneysiders have also been taking up baking and new hobbies they may wish to continue  when we eventually have a post-COVID life to lead. Sales of veggie seeds and garden equipment, for example, have soared in recent months.

All this means that, if you are putting your home on the market, you need to pivot your home to meet the ‘new normal’ (there’s another term we are a tad tired of hearing). As a starting point, top of the list of wants and needs for current buyers on the hunt for a new home is a home office. Sometimes this is as simple as converting a guest bedroom into a tranquil and inviting work space, at other times we’ve had to be a bit clever – squeezing a desk or built-in desk top under stairs or a corner of a dining area. Whatever the solution that is best for your property, potential buyers will be thrilled to envisage themselves running their empire from home while wearing their comfiest trackie dacks.

Home office

Next on the list comes space. So we think about where children could do their home schooling if need be and where buyers could follow along to online yoga or dance classes. We also consider the kitchen. Can benchtop space be maximised for bread making or extra storage added for stock piling staples?

The boom in interest in grow-your-own produce and backyard chickens also needs considering. Could you convert some of the yard into a flourishing veggie patch? Add some potted herbs and dwarf fruit trees to the courtyard or balcony? Any space where people can enjoy a morning coffee in a sunny spot, do some outdoor exercise or even work outdoors when the weather allows has an added premium these days, so we aim to make sure your outdoor spaces shine.

Selling your home during a pandemic may not be ideal, but as property styling professionals we know what features have secured a sale for our recent clients – and we can do the same for your home by presenting it as “pandemic ready”, a safe, secure and tranquil place to ride out COVID-19 in style and comfort. Contact us today to find out how we can help you pivot your home to the new normal and achieve a fast and profitable sale.


Image courtesy of Sonya Winner Rug Studio

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