If you are planning to put your property on the market for sale this spring, the sooner you call in an expert in property styling Inner West, the better. Sellers across the greater Sydney area jump on the springtime markets to sell their properties for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the entire exterior of the property is at its best, with new greenery and the blossoms of new beginnings. That seems to match the buyer’s desire for change at the end of a long winter.

No matter what season of the year you choose to list your property, however, the need for a property styling specialist for the Inner West doesn’t change. Selling residential properties at any time of year presents keen competition, particularly those located in the Inner West, as they have all the amenities of the city at close hand.

In order to compete in this market, your first, best strategy is to make your property absolutely irresistible to today’s buyer. Because your buyer will begin his or her home search on the internet, it’s critical that your property stands head and shoulders above the rest. Your buyer will have looked at photographs of hundreds of properties listed on the web, and will have rejected all but a few of them long before he or she even picks up the phone to call a real estate agent. In other words, the sale begins long, long before the buyer leaves his or her home.

If you are to take advantage of the spring property race, you will need a top-notch property stylist who understands the buyer totally, and who has the experience and expertise to create the image they are seeking. You need a property stylist who can create a mood that can transcend the limitations of photos, and literally draw the buyer like a magnet into the home itself.

There are many ways to select a property styling firm. You should speak to friends and co-workers first. It’s always a good idea to get personal recommendations from people you know. What you should not do is simply trust the written reviews you find on some websites. Companies all over the globe pay handsomely for glowing reviews and testimonials that are written by a paid writer who may live in Denmark and has never even visited Australia, let alone sold a home here.

Instead, pick a company that offers the names and telephone numbers of actual customers who have volunteered to share their experiences with you. At Urban Chic Property Styling, not only have we been in the business of property styling the Inner West for many years, we have satisfied customers throughout the area who will be delighted to talk about their real estate transactions and how Urban Chic Property Styling was instrumental in getting them a higher price without spending endless expensive months on the market.

Is it expensive? The answer is no. In the world of real estate we like to hope each of our investments will garner three to five dollars for every dollar invested. In other words, property styling is one of the best things you can do to achieve your selling goals.

Once real estate agents see your property for the first time, after it has been professionally staged by the experts at Urban Chic Property Styling, they will show it over and over again. That’s simply because they know a house that’s destined to sell big when they see it. This is how they make their money – they each want to be the agent who sells this beautiful property.

If you’re ready to list your property for sale, make a call to the real experts at property styling Inner West. You may choose from among several package options that are sure to make the entire project a much less stressful experience. Urban Chic Property Styling knows your market, and understands your buyers so, apart from making it easier for you, we can also help to make your sale a more lucrative one. Call us today – you’ll be glad you did.


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