Sydney home sellers have learned that if they want the best price for their real estate investment, they cannot play by the old rules of the real estate game. Today’s real estate market is so competitive that doing more to improve the looks of your home is essential. If you want to sell your property quickly and at the best price possible, you need to bring your A-Game. Professional property styling services providers tell us that making the most of online property listings is the place to begin this process.

Today, thanks to the internet, 90 percent of buyers do their home searches online. If you spend a few moments online looking at listings for property in the Sydney area you will see that there are spectacular homes to be seen there. It isn’t so much that the houses are off-the-grid in terms of amenities. It’s more about the way the houses are made to look that sets them apart. Of course, the photography is part of this glossy imagery, but the magic happens when the owner first brings in a home stager.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of home staging, here it is in a nutshell.
A home stager will visit your property and give it an evaluation as to how your home compares to other listed houses. After the evaluation, your stylist will give you a list of what needs to be done to make your house outshine the competition in your area. This list will probably include painting and cleaning, but it might also include repairs and upgrades that will enhance your chance of selling your home for more.

Property stylists usually offer you a full service option, wherein they bring furnishings and accessories into each room. They will arrange these pieces in the best way they can to make your home look roomier and more elegant. Sometimes, these changes result in the owners falling so much in-love with their old house that they want to remain in it. (We’re not kidding.)

Stagers use their extensive training in home design to take ultimate advantage of your home’s good features. They also magically make your home’s flaws seem unimportant. Their training in art and architecture helps them to call attention to the good things, and away from those little not-so-glamourous details.

To make the whole package even better, understand that this home staging professional has studied real estate buyers in all age groups and niches in order to know who will be the most likely buyer for your house. This means the colours, textures, and style of the rooms can be tailored to attract the best buyer.

The world of property styling services depends heavily on research to arrive at knowledge so intimate, they can probably even tell you where your prospective buyer likes to go on holiday. This research narrows your target market so successfully that houses sell faster and for much, much more money.

What happens if you leave your house ‘as is’ and put it on the market without benefit of styling?
We know, thanks to the work of scientists who study the brain, that house buying is triggered by the buyer’s emotion. If the way your house looks online doesn’t create an emotional effect in the buyer, it will probably be skipped over. With all the listings available online, the most amazingly styled and photographed places will get a second look. Other homes may never get past this first step in narrowing the field.

Another thing that happens in this highly competitive field is that real estate agents know a great house when they see it. When a truly beautifully styled home comes on the market, agents flock to it bringing every buyer they can think of. They know it will sell quickly. Naturally, that urgency is communicated with buyers and, PRESTO, the offers start rolling in. In the end, the seller makes money, the selling agent makes money, and the buyers believe they will live happily ever after.

If you are thinking of selling your home this year, make your first move today. Call an experienced, reliable property staging services provider to get the ball rolling. Long before your property shows up online, you’ll want it to dazzle. Nobody can make that happen as well as a truly gifted stager. Call Urban Chic Property Styling to help get you on the road to home selling happiness.

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