Selling to Emotion
As we often say here, you need not have a huge budget to dress up your home for sale. Whether you are living in an apartment in Sydney’s CBD, or a cottage in St George, the little things can make a huge difference in the way your home looks to prospective buyers. We understand that when it comes to property styling St George, the Inner West, and the greater Sydney area, the trick lies in capturing the emotions of the people who view your home with an eye to buy.
Scientists and marketers now know for certain that up to 95 percent of the brain is engaged with emotion, leaving just about five percent handling the logic. This may explain politics and other mysteries, but it lends those who want to sell their homes a great advantage. Most people are selling to the five percent, thereby limiting themselves in the world of real estate sales.
We don’t mean to say that logical things like a working AC unit and insulated windows are not excellent selling points. However they play a secondary role to the way the house makes the potential buyer feel. Overall, those points are logical, but they also tend to play to the buyer’s need for comfort and security. When they understand that the home will cost them less money to maintain and operate monthly, they feel comforted and secure in their choice.
Emotion-driven real estate sales rely on clearly understanding the goals and aspirations of buyers. Buyers are looking for a home that fits their vision of the future. They buy homes that “look” like the homes of a successful (doctor, lawyer, welder, or teacher – just fill in the blank).
Women often want a well-organised kitchen that will enable them to create gourmet meals and entertain, even though they may never have really done so in the past. Parents want a way to keep the chaos of children’s things in check, so they look longingly at a spacious laundry that sports cubbies and hooks for their just-home-from-school brood. A tidy garage with space for crafts or motorcycle restoration tugs at the heartstrings of some. There are so many things that tickle the fancy of prospective buyers, knowing what to feature can be daunting.
Fortunately for home sellers in Australia today, there are a growing number of property styling companies taking care of sorting the wants and needs of buyers. Those who make their living in the business of property styling St George, or any other Sydney suburbs, have the advantage of a mountain of data that helps with that sorting. Through extensive research, the property styling industry can practically promise what the buyers for an individual home will be seeking.
From the colours on the walls to the number of plates and cereal bowls to display in the kitchen cupboard, the informed and experienced home stylist can nail down the buyer’s needs to a tee. By doing their homework, today’s stagers can give you the advantage of styling the property in such a way that the buyers feel as if they could move in tomorrow.
For today’s busy home-seekers, the idea of a move-in-ready home is the ultimate luxury for which they are willing to pay top dollar. They are instantly captivated by the notion that they have just been presented with an instant end to the hassles and overwhelming stress of home-buying. “Here is the house for me, and my hassles are over”. (You can almost hear the sigh in that.)
If you are about to list your home for sale, do yourself the kindness of employing the very best home staging professionals you can find to assist in creating the concept of comfort and stability for your buyer.
You cannot easily choose a professional stylist for property styling St George. Today, new staging companies are springing up like mushrooms all over New South Wales. Your best bet is to put your fortunes in the hands of a company with years of successful experience and the logistics to make your buyers’ innermost visions reality. Urban Chic Property Styling has the experience, the training, and the talent to create property styling St George magic in your house or apartment. Call us today for a consultation.

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