Selling Tools Work Best When You Use Them
As the inner suburbs of Sydney continue to thrive, homes and apartments have become more difficult to reach financially for house hunters. This inevitable feature of the law of supply and demand has pushed the housing availability to outer suburban areas. According to, the Western Suburbs have some of the most liveable real estate for home seekers to begin their search, so if you’re preparing to sell your suburban home there, phone your selling agent and call in the experts at property styling Western Suburbs. You may be in for a sensational sale.
With the aforementioned law of supply and demand operating at full tilt, sellers should understand that getting top dollar for your home sale isn’t as easy as it might have been 20 years ago. Then you simply had to put a ‘for sale’ sign in your front yard and wait for the offers to start rolling in. Now, thanks to the advent of the Internet, selling real estate, like selling used cars or arthritis ointment, is a bit more complicated and the competition is much keener.
Today, over 90 percent of prospective buyers start their home searches online. Before they ever pick up the phone to call a selling agent, chances are your buyer has looked at hundreds of homes already. That buyer has probably narrowed their list to just a few places that showed well online. This means that sellers are in for big challenges, particularly if they do not avail themselves of the powerful resources of an excellent selling agent and a top notch company that provides property styling Western Suburbs.
Powerful selling tools, like the seatbelts in your car, only work when you actually use them.
The first thing your potential buyer will know about your house is how it looks on the World Wide Web. For this reason, finding a real-estate-attuned photographer to shoot your home is critical. Either your agent or your stylist will have a list of excellent photographers who will work miracles with images of your home. While these pros can make your home look good, in order to make it look sensational, you must first employ a home stager to dress your home prior to the shoot.
In the days of yore, you might have been able to sell your home totally vacant and looking just as it did when you moved out. Nowadays, you don’t just have to clean and repaint it you have to go far beyond that. Your home should be ready to do much of its own sales pitch. This is, of course, where your home stylist comes in.
Unlike an interior decorator, whose job is to create an interior specifically for one homeowner, a home stylist creates an atmosphere that is beyond beautiful and specific to nobody. A professionally staged home has a way of appealing to a broad spectrum of buyers, giving you and your house the opportunity to WOW lots of people. Your home becomes, not a tribute to you and your life there, but a blank slate upon which your new buyers can superimpose themselves, their families, and their futures.
Today’s version of real estate marketing depends on generating emotion in the buyer. Scientists have confirmed that emotion, rather than logic, drives home sales. Upwards of 95 percent of the decision to buy a home rests with the seller falling in love with it. A really good home stylist can turn even an ordinary home in Parramatta into a building that strikes at the emotions of security, safety, and pure comfort in home shoppers. It reaches out to them in a totally irresistible way. Such is the key to real estate marketing today.
These are just some of the reasons your selling agent will urge you to hire an excellent home staging company. The investment pays for itself. Additionally, homes that have the benefit of property styling Western suburbs sell in days rather than months. This, too, represents significant savings in the end, making your home selling adventure end happily for all concerned. So, before you attempt to sell your house, consult with a professional home stager. You’ll be glad you did.

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