Setting up Spectacular Sales

by | Mar 6, 2018

Setting up Spectacular Sales

Property styling used to be a concept that only the very wealthy and those who were developing entire communities understood. Back then, only multi-million dollar properties and new upscale housing developments hired professionals to do the work of styling properties for sale. Now, that has changed and property styling is an integral part of the vast majority of real estate transactions.

Property styling is no longer within the mysterious realms of the rich and famous. As a matter of fact, the real estate industry has enjoyed a significant boom thanks to the work of property stylists all over the world. While there are only so many properties for sale at any given moment the prices of even the most ordinary properties, thanks to staging professionals, are soaring. The act of styling properties for sale has created a new and lucrative wrinkle in the law of supply and demand.

The property stylist’s work is not well understood by many. The stylist’s job is to erase your “footprint” in the property you wish to sell and to create a fertile ground where the dreams of prospective buyers can quickly take root. The plan is to make the buyer fall in love with the property. (Buying real estate is more an emotional decision than a financial one.) Once the buyer finds himself or herself enraptured by the home, he or she realises that it will sell quickly. So, because the supply of homes exactly like yours is limited, Mister or Missus Buyer is willing to make an offer that is both speedy and at a higher price.

Happily, the cost to have your home professionally staged is far less than you might have imagined. The common myth, that property styling is only something that rich people can afford, is being debunked daily in the Sydney area.

One might wonder, “What manner of magic do these property stylists do?” It’s really remarkably simple. The best property stylists spend much of their time studying the wants and needs of the individuals who make up the real estate market. With the help of surveys, studies, and countless focus groups’ input, property stylists sometimes know more about the prospective buyer for your home than the buyers themselves do.

A professional stager uses this insider information to choose a ‘look’ for your property that will make the buyer fall in love. That factor – the degree to which your home is totally irresistible – makes all the difference in setting up a spectacular sale.

Really high-end sales are more about science than they are about art, but the artistic element in property styling cannot be ignored. Even beginner stylists know all about colours and balance. They learn about style and the blending of form and function. Each new property stylist hones his or her own flair for design. Nevertheless, the really professional professionals, like Juliana Gowen, Creative Director of Urban Chic Property Styling, also have a career background that includes years of successful real estate sales.

With over 25 years of successful real estate sales under her belt, Juliana Gowen knows precisely how to go about styling properties in a way to capture the attention of buyers. Additionally, because there are as many ways to catch a buyer’s eye in negative ways as there are positive ones, Juliana understands how to eliminate or defuse potential problems before the buyer even notices them. That is just one of the many ways Urban Chic Property Styling sets itself apart from all the competition. You can trust Urban Chic Property Styling to set the mood for a truly spectacular sale. Call us today.

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