As you prepare to list your home in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, you may easily make the mistake of thinking of the project as a big, ugly, burdensome task. It is daunting, to be sure. With all the details involved in preparing to sell a home and move a family, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. We’re here to suggest that you be wise enough to seek help by bringing in a team of real estate professionals who understand the many tasks of property styling Western Suburbs homes.

The first bit of advice we have for you is to stop thinking of your move as a burden. What you’re really doing when you prepare to liquidate a piece of property is to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Rarely in life does our hard work pay off as handsomely as it does when we sell our real estate investment. Closing on a house sale represents a big payday that only comes around a few times in life. Getting ready for that payday isn’t so bad, particularly if you get help.

Like most business ventures, in real estate you may have to employ others to assist you. If you were the owner of a big beautiful theatre, you’d need many employees to mount a successful production. You would hire an orchestra, actors, a playwright, and a set designer if you wanted to be successful.
So it is with the production you’re about to undertake. You do not have to do it alone. As a matter of fact, if you treat this transaction as the big business deal it really is, you will understand that taking on the entire task alone is just self-defeating.

Unless you’re independently wealthy, unemployed, and childless you already have a full plate. Do you really have the time, inspiration, and muscle to completely set the stage for your big production alone? We imagine not.

Is home staging expensive? The answer to this question seems almost too good to be true. According to the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, the benefits of professional staging actually pay for themselves. Not only do houses sell for from seven to 12.5 percent more when they are professionally staged, they also sell in days rather than months. (A quick sale can save many thousands of dollars in terms of continuing mortgage payments and insurance premiums, not to mention electricity bills and other incidentals such as lawn care.)

Your real estate selling agent may have suggestions for you when it comes to what staging company to hire, but it is almost certainly one of the first things he or she will suggest you do.
Selling agents almost always advise their clients to bring in the home stagers as a matter of course. There are solid reasons for this. If a house shows better, it will get shown more often. Of course, the more often buyers are exposed to your house, the sooner it will sell. And, as a bonus, the more “play” a house gets, the more competition develops between buyers.

A well-staged home triggers a deep psychological need for buyers to own it. Once buyers have fallen in love with your house, they will work very hard to have it. They act quickly and are willing to pay more. This is how bidding wars are born. This is how sellers end up getting more for their houses than they would ever have imagined possible. It is the perfect scenario for home sellers and the selling agents.

What can you expect a home staging company to do for you? Each transaction is different. If all the staging company has to do is measure your rooms and fill them with furnishings and art the price will be lower than if they must supervise painters, cleaners, and plumbing repairs. You can usually tailor your contract to your own satisfaction. Plus, if you are among “the home-staging challenged”, you will find the advice of a professional home designer is golden – because the stager’s reputation is on the line, they will practically bend over backwards to make your big production a successful one. It reflects directly on them.

No matter where you live in the greater Sydney area, you can depend on Urban Chic Property Styling to set the stage for your production and smooth the way for your home sale. We have experience in all the Greater Sydney Area, and specialise in property styling Western Suburbs. Call us today.

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