Settling for Less

by | Mar 2, 2018

Furniture styling Sydney is a bit different than it is elsewhere. Because Sydney is seeing an influx of house buyers that are on the cutting edge of business and industry, the furnishings in your listed house need to be cutting edge as well. Buyers here demand the best and expect no less.

However, the business of styling homes for sale is full of surprises. We know a woman who had a terrible surprise when she arrived to view the results of her home stylist’s work. At the outset of the project, the homeowner chose furnishings she thought would make her home look upscale and like the home of a successful business man. She’d chosen a specific style of furniture in very specific colours. Her stager agreed with her choices and the deal was done.

When the homeowner arrived at the staged home, she found that the furnishings were similar to those she’d picked, but were in totally different colours and patterns. She called the stager immediately. The stager explained that the company she usually hired furnishings from didn’t have the colour she wanted, so they substituted another. The lady was very disappointed.

When a home staging company doesn’t own its own furnishings, this happens frequently. The styling company just takes what it can get from its furniture vendor. Sometimes it looks great. Other times, as in this case, it failed to enhance the presentation of the house. In fact, the furnishings made the home look disjointed and poorly put together.

Such disappointing results can be avoided when you work with a staging company that cares enough about your final result to invest in its own furniture. You don’t have to be at the mercy of what is available through some vendor you’ve never seen and know nothing about. Instead, you see the actual furniture you will be getting. This gives you the opportunity to look for flaws or wear and tear before it’s installed in your house.

With reputable companies like Urban Chic Property Styling, one of the premier staging companies in the greater Sydney area, there are no surprises. You get what you bargained for.

Another issue with less experienced staging companies is the transport and installation of furnishings. The folks at Urban Chic have been in the staging business for many years. We are very well aware of what can happen when untrained or inexperienced furniture installers enter your home with big, heavy furniture pieces. Floors, walls, and sometimes even ceilings can be scratched, gouged, or broken by clumsy movers. This kind of damage is expensive and time-consuming to repair. Accidents such as these can cost you days, even weeks, in the timing of your home sale. You want to have only experienced installers entering your home.

Urban Chic Property Styling owns the trucks and employs only the best installers. That way there are no unhappy surprises. Our drivers and movers are veterans. They know how to take care of the furniture and the house it is chosen for.

Our transportation staff have also been working in the home staging business with talented home stylists long enough to know how the finished product should look. There is no time wasted in translating the instructions of the stagers. Our movers, unlike furniture delivery staff, are well steeped in the job of making a house look like somebody’s dream home. They work hand in glove with some of the best home stagers in Australia, and they are committed to the successful sale of your property.
Professionalism doesn’t come easily or quickly. You have to pay your dues and learn from your mistakes in order to bring perfection to your work. Just like playing the piano, the longer you practice staging homes, the better your work is. Managing the details and making the whole project look effortless is the result of years of practice.

There are a thousand little details to successful results in the business of furniture hire Sydney. Small glitches must be anticipated and dealt with before they become real problems. In our years of experience, we’ve faced just about all the surprises that can happen in this work. At Urban Chic Property Styling, we offer you the best possible outcome. Why would you settle for less?

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