Newspapers and websites today seem to be attempting to soften the blow they expect to come when Sydney’s housing market falls. Downplaying the still very active market isn’t altogether helpful to those of us who are considering listing their residential property. This “iffy news” on the subject of real estate sales makes property styling Western Suburbs and all of the other communities in the Greater Sydney area more important than ever before.

Even though the boom in housing seems to be softening ever so slightly, upgrading suburban city centres is still very much in the minds of planners in the Greater Sydney area. Thriving city centres in outlying suburban areas like the Western Suburbs are essential to property values whether there is boom or bust in the housing market, so efforts to enhance the quality of life outside the CBD are welcome, indeed. This will ultimately mean more money in the pockets of home sellers across the region.

Meanwhile, though, while we wait for renewal in our city centres to improve our property values, we must still attend to the business of making the most of the properties we have. At this point there are more houses on the market for sale. According to the SQM Residential Newsletter’s May 8, 2018 edition, units on the market are up by 34 percent, making the competition even keener. If you had previously considered cutting corners in your listing preparations, know that now is not a good time for doing this.

Two critical components of a successful real estate sale in today’s fierce market are professional property styling Western Suburbs and excellent listing photographs. As today’s home-buyers do their shopping on the internet, photography is your first best hope of landing a sale. You cannot create ‘socko’ photographs unless the house is properly styled.

Statistics prove that professional styling raises the amount of money buyers are willing to pay for a house or apartment. That same styling universally lowers the days any property spends on the market. Real estate selling agents now more than ever before advise their clients to enlist the help of a really good property styling company as a first-step toward selling. There are good reasons for this, but chief among them is the fact that sales agents know a great house when they see it.

When a professionally styled home makes its debut on the market, it produces a certain sense of urgency among buyers and that urgency frequently translates to bidding wars. This is never a bad thing for real estate agents or property owners.

Debuts are big deals for real estate offerings. Once a property has been on the market for a week or so, internet shoppers no longer see it. They imagine that if it has not sold in that amount of time, there must be something wrong. The best strategy for marketing a dwelling in this market is to make the biggest splash possible at the outset. A dramatic introduction to the market is an essential part of getting top dollar. That dramatic introduction – the essential first impression – depends on quality styling.

If you’re considering putting your property on the market for sale soon, call the professionals at Urban Chic Property Styling first. Not only have we been preparing homes for sale for decades, we are intimately familiar with the personalities of each of Sydney’s suburban communities. From St George and Sutherland Shire to property styling Western Suburbs, we’ve been dressing Sydney’s outlying communities for success for a very long time. We can help you get your real estate right for that big sale. Call us today and find out.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Oz Design.

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