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by | Mar 2, 2018

Occasionally, even in today’s explosive real estate market, a seller wonders why or even if they should invest in property styling. All across the greater Sydney area, there is a heightened interest in property staging. Why? Because it works to sell houses. Whether your property is in Sutherland Shire or if you are primarily interested in property styling Western suburbs, there are very specific and solid reasons to hire a property presentation professional.

The rules of selling real estate have changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Since the advent of the internet, people’s way of shopping for property – and everything else they need or want – has shifted. As a society, we use the internet to compare prices, study options, and make final buying decisions. Actually inspecting a house listed for sale is almost an afterthought. So, before you put a “For Sale” sign in your front yard and declare yourself to be selling your house, think over these points of interest.

The Icing on the Cake
Prospective buyers choose staged properties to tour inspect because these places are naturally more appealing. Staged homes photograph better. Because they are thoughtfully composed by their stagers for colour, scale, and points of interest, prospective buyers are drawn into the listing photos. Interesting listing photos are the beginning of a love affair between a prospective buyer and a piece of property. Since 90 percent of buyers do their looking on the net, this is an inspired place to kindle the spark of love at first sight.

It is that spark of interest that can keep a set of carefully composed images at the top of the mind of a buyer. When interviewed, prospective buyers say that homes that have been staged stand out more and are more compelling than those of vacant properties.

Selling Agents Know a Good Thing When They See it
Real estate selling agents are not immune from the power of attraction that a staged home can bring to bear. Selling agents want to introduce their clients to the best properties on the market because those are the ones that will sell first. For this reason, selling agents tend to show staged properties more often than unstaged ones. The more people who walk through the door of your property, the more chances your home has to impress potential buyers.

The Matter of Maintenance
The way a home is staged and photographed leaves potential buyers with the sense that a home is very well maintained. Today’s largest buying segment, the millennials, is very interested in managing their money to meet their specific needs. Millennials don’t seem to be terribly interested in forking over money for a new roof, or a better air-conditioning unit. A professionally staged home sends the signal that ‘this’ is a prized home and has been well maintained.

The fact that the house has lightbulbs burning in every fixture and no clackety sounds from old refrigeration units adds to the charisma of the property. A house with no visible flaws and no obvious problems says “savings” to a buyer. The offers for a professionally staged home tend to be higher because the potential buyers see no repair costs on the horizon.

Wrap it Up
One of the more important requests potential buyers have for a new house is that it be ready for occupancy sooner rather than later. They prefer homes that are move-in-ready. They don’t want to wait for the painters to finish. They are not interested in waiting for the arrival of the furniture truck. They want it all and they want it now.

A house that appears to be complete and ready for its new owners’ move can shift the entire transaction shifts high gear. Not only do these potential buyers make offers in a hurry, they make larger offers in a hurry. Now that they have found their ideal house, they don’t want to lose it.

Spending the money to properly prepare your house for listing is one way to ensure that your property will be seen more often; that it will please more potential buyers; and that the entire sale will move faster and more favourably. Proper presentation is a real estate strategy that has proven itself from property styling Western Suburbs to inner-city Sydney and all the way to St. George. It’s a solid strategy worthy of your consideration.

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