After visiting the lively neighbourhoods of the Inner West and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, the area that lies south-east of the CBD, better known as St George, might seem a little tame. The area, made up of the communities of Rockdale, Kogarah and Hurstville and more, is traditional, and very family oriented. Those who do property styling St George value it as the essence of suburbia with all the amenities one could ever want to find.

The cost of living in the St George area remains in the mid-range, making it a popular place for young families and retired couples who enjoy the nearby national parks and beaches as well as the best things about city living that abound nearby. With a low crime rate and a slower pace overall, St George attracts many who wish to settle in an area that has the best of everything. It’s a first-rate place to raise a family, which might, after all, be why you chose to buy property there.

If the time has come to sell your home and leave the St George area, you’ll be doing yourself a great favour by discussing the staging of your home with a house styling professional. These design experts can help you know who is likely to buy your new home and how best to make them fall in love with your St George home or apartment.

Property stylists know that of all their special talents, and they have many, perhaps the most important tool they have at their fingertips is the mountain of information they gather about home buyers. Through surveys, studies, and small focus groups, industry professionals glean the ‘inside scoop’ on the real estate market. By knowing who is buying and what they’re looking for, your property stylist can give you solid advice about how to make your home attractive and compelling to a wide range of buyers.

These days, the largest group of home buyers, the millennials, has surpassed the baby boomers as the real estate industry’s most prominent pool of property consumers. This group of buyers, they have extremely specific needs and wants. They have a completely different attitude about lifestyle and investment, so they can be a tricky group to style for.

These people work hard and play hard. They take work very seriously, but when they play, they play like pros. They are less likely to buy more home than they need because being chained to a house is generally not their cup of tea. This group will eschew a big lawn that needs constant attention for a rock garden if it means they can surf more, sail more, and/or travel to exotic places. According to those who engage in property styling St George, these home buyers want their home to work for them and not the other way around.

These tech savvy, fast living, upwardly mobile people do most of their real estate shopping on the internet. By the time they even call an agent, they have probably looked at pictorial layouts of every house available in their chosen area. That means that your house must be able to knock their socks off to make it to the “must see” property list. As a seller, you’re going to need that aforementioned inside information to net these buyers.

It will take great furniture, the exact shade of taupe, and a thousand other little details to capture and hold the attention of a millennial buyer. Fortunately for you, we have all the details wrapped up and ready to go.

Urban Chic Property Styling has been making homes irresistible in the St George area for years. Before we became a property styling firm, our senior stylist, Juliana Gowen, was a successful real estate selling agent in Sydney for nearly three decades. That means she understands the business inside and out and has the experience to make sales happen. When it comes to property styling St George, we’ve got you covered – call us today and see what we can do for you and your home sale.

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