We think you’d have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of just about any home in St George. Does it actually get any better? South Sydney’s St George area is just about the most balanced of all Sydney’s suburbs. The demographics there are about half and half — half the homeowners are older and the other half are established families. There are green spaces and water everywhere you look, it’s just a short commute to Sydney’s CBD. You should know, though, that if liquidating your St George investment is in your future, right now might just be the best time. If you’re determined to leave this idyllic setting, with just a bit of property styling St George, selling your home should be a walk in the park. Right?

One might think that with all this area has to offer, selling would be simply a matter of putting a For Sale sign in the front yard. Sorry.

Our recent, booming sellers’ market has turned a corner. Today, selling a house or apartment in the Greater Sydney area is weighted in favour of the buyers. Because there are more homes available in the housing inventory, buyers have lots and lots of options. Plus, because the prices are still steep enough that buyers must make big sacrifices in order to get into a house, they are likely to be choosier than ever before.

The urgency has gone out of home buying, so buyers are no longer racing to grab their first, best option. Instead, they are shopping meticulously for every last ounce of comfort and style they can find in a property. Oh. They also want it at a bargain price.

When buyers learn that the banks won’t lend enough for them to buy every last thing on their wish list and they must settle for something less than ideal, they become even more eager to check as many boxes off their “must have” list as possible. This brings us back to St George.

With all this desirable suburban area has to offer, it will probably remain high on the list of any buyer who wants perfection. This means selling prices here might remain fairly stable in the unsettled months ahead as the market shifts. Still, without meeting the expectations of buyers, based on what they see in other available St George properties, sellers may be disappointed if they don’t do everything possible to upgrade their property’s aesthetics.

Property styling St George, when done by a qualified professional home staging company, can literally make for a quick and lucrative sale. Yes. There are many beautiful properties to choose from, but buyers still know a WOW house when they see it. A superior setting, a great property that looks and feels like “moving up in the world” has a compelling effect on today’s buyer.

Property buying decisions are made in the part of the brain where emotion lives. If a property strikes a chord with buyers – if it makes them feel really, really good — the hard part of the sale is over. Making buyers feel engaged with the house is what property stylists do best.

Wherever you live in the Greater Sydney area, understand that the housing market is alive and well. It may be shifting, but it’s still healthy and vibrant. It’s just a bit more challenging. That means that you will need to approach the big business of selling your house or apartment from a slightly different angle. The best guide in finding your way through the maze that real estate sales can be is a real estate professional — not just your selling agent, but also your professional home stager. Together they become your sales team. Of course you want the best.

Before you list your property for sale, consult with the best, most experienced property styling firm you can find. Look for a company that has lots of experience in property styling St George. This unique area has a style of its own and a flavour that takes a bit of practice to get right. At Urban Chic Property Styling, we’ve been styling sensational homes in St George for decades. Naturally, you’ll want to call us first.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Stegbar Windows and Doors.

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