These days it’s practically impossible to avoid the buzz in real estate circles over the stunning results that professional home staging can achieve when selling a home. Home staging is no longer the bailiwick of real estate tycoons and ambitious subdivision developers. Today, chances are that if a house is listed for sale, it will have been professionally staged using many of the powerful selling strategies associated with this up-and-coming process. You might ask yourself if you cannot achieve the same results by staging your home yourself. Staging a home, particularly as regards furniture styling Sydney, is not as simple as one might imagine and requires the expertise of professionals to achieve maximum effect.

In the greater Sydney area, where rising prices and an extremely active housing market prevail, the average home buyer will have worked long and hard to save sufficient funds to make a deposit on a home. For this reason, Sydney home shoppers expect much more for their money in 2017 than in previous years. In this atmosphere, it simply makes sense to do everything possible to make your home as attractive and irresistible as possible.

Enter the professional home stager. A home stager’s job is to use the mountains of information gathered by the home styling industry to dress your home in the best way to capture the attention of home buyers. In the greater Sydney area, homes and apartments are most often purchased by millennial buyers. These buyers are young, upwardly mobile professionals whose interests are vastly different from the last big group of buyers, the baby boomers.

Millennial buyers are active people who tend to eschew the home-loving lifestyle of their boomer parents and dive right into adventure. They don’t want to be chained to their homes, but rather enjoy the advantages of owning property without many of the tedious chores associated with ownership.
With this in mind, your professional home stager will use tactics to sweeten the ownership deal with millennials. Even the seeming limitless choices available in furniture styling Sydney stagers have narrowed down to specific styles that generate the desired emotion in the millennial home shopper.
Now more than ever, the home shopper is looking for an emotional connection with a home. Science now proves that when it comes to buying decisions such as real estate, the sale is sealed not by logic, but by emotion. Over 90 percent of home sales are driven in this way, leaving only 10 percent of buyers still shopping to find the sound, solid, ‘logical’ home. This is good news for Sydney’s home sellers as emotions can be more easily evoked.

Your home stylist, who works hard to understand the cues and clues of the buyer’s mind, may select a single simple fragrance to use throughout the home. This is because, when there are multiple aroma notes, the buyer may spend his or her inspection tour of the house subconsciously trying to determine what those scents are, instead of appreciating the views or the layout of the kitchen.

Your stager will take steps to ensure that your buyer gains a sense of security and comfort while in the property. Millennials don’t want to be slaves to their dwellings, so making sure there is no glaring need for repairs or unfinished projects that leap out at the buyer is vital.

To this end, a professional home styling firm will work to eliminate anything that smacks of undone or unfinished projects within the home. The walls will be freshly painted in neutral colours that correspond with the tastes of the most likely buyer. The furnishings will be carefully selected to complement the size and style of the home so that no nagging, niggling issues remain to cause the buyer angst. Something as simple as a sofa that’s too long or has arms that are overstuffed can create a discordant note deep in the buyer’s subconscious.

Of course, it’s impossible to prepare against all such angst-inducing situations. Only someone with an intimate knowledge of the buyer’s profile will understand the triggers. If for no other reason, this is good justification for hiring a home stager. However, the best reason to employ someone with experience in home staging and furniture styling Sydney is that homes that have been professionally staged sell faster and for considerably more money. For a fairly nominal cost that is almost always recouped in the sale price, the pesky guess-work about knowing your buyer is instantly eliminated. Should you have your home staged? The better question is, why would you NOT have your home staged?

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