When the time comes for you to select furnishings to stage your listed home, the choices are almost staggering. Hopefully, your staging firm has a large inventory of furnishings. If you’ve engaged a company that doesn’t use its own furniture, your work will be a little more challenging. It might seem like a simple service but dragons wait in the world of furniture hire. Sydney home sellers need to keep an eye open for the beasts.

Smaller and inexperienced firms that don’t yet realise how important the investment in appropriate furnishings is can complicate what ought to be a simple enterprise. It should go just this way: you and your stager select furnishings that complement your rooms, and then when it’s time, the furnishings you chose are delivered and set up. Voila. A perfectly staged house.

Unfortunately, if your staging company doesn’t have furniture of its own, they must depend upon furniture stores and other vendors to supply the stuff that makes your room spectacular. If the vendors have nothing that matches your original choices, you take pot luck. Hiss. Boo. This is not the perfectly staged house you planned for, and probably not the one the buyer will fall in love with.

For our part, we think selecting a staging company around whether or not they actually provide furnishings is the best idea.

Part of the joy of using a full-service staging company is the fact that nothing is left to chance. A good home stager depends on having just the right chairs, lamps, and ottomans. The furnishings are chosen specifically to make your rooms shine. When the specific pieces are not available, the whole plan breaks down. Nobody wants surprises like that on the day before the house shows up among the listed others.

When a banner shouting “NEW LISTING” shows up on real estate pages, everybody and their uncle rush to look it over. If it’s imperfect or sadly lacking something very special, the property is quickly relegated to the “nothing to write home about” stack. Trust us when we tell you that today’s buyers are looking for a house to write home about.

In today’s market, buyers are already feeling squeezed. They probably can’t buy the houses they really want because the bank won’t loan them the necessary funds. These shoppers already have had to down-size their expectations, so at this point they want perfection – or as close as they can get to it.

Let’s not forget the other half of the coin in the business of furniture hire Sydney, home stylists must get the furnishings delivered and set up in your home without any major catastrophes. The actual moving and set up – as well as the eventual retrieval of the furniture – must be done by professional movers who know their stuff. Amateur movers can wreak havoc on your freshly painted walls and newly finished hardwood floors. We shudder to think of what might happen.

When you’re shopping for a home staging company look not for just one that uses its own furniture pieces, but one that also has its own furniture movers and a fleet of trucks to get the job done well.

There is a special bonus in using a team that has worked successfully together for some time. Not only do the movers know precisely how to move a grand piano, but they understand beforehand just how the stylist wants the instrument placed. Tweaking the placement of that piano isn’t an easy thing to accomplish when the movers are gone. When a team has a history together, the chances of misunderstandings or confusion diminishes.

As you look for your home styling firm, remember to weed out the dragons before you sign on the dotted line. Use a company that can provide all the services you’ll need in one place and under one contract. When it comes to furniture hire Sydney, home sellers do have choices. At Urban Chic Property Styling, we have a huge inventory of furnishings, art, and décor. We have our own fleet of moving vans. We employ experienced, professional movers to install and remove the product. In other words, we are a one-stop staging service with a reputation for perfection.  What more do you need?

Image courtesy of Brosa.

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