The concept of house staging, or house styling as it is also called, has taken the entire country by storm. In Australia, you will rarely find a real estate agent who will not tell you that styling your home prior to listing it for sale is a priority. This is because staged houses sell faster and for significantly more money than ones that go on the market ‘naked’. In the world of real estate sales today, particularly in this hot market, employing house stylists Sydney will ensure that your property sells for top dollar.

Many people still don’t fully understand what a house stylist does for the home seller. The truth is, staging your home is no different from what happens when you trade in your vehicle for a newer model.

First the used car is taken to the detail shop where it is thoroughly cleaned and deodorised. Then it is polished until it shines like a new penny. The tyres are made to look brand new and the engine and undercarriage are steam-cleaned. When the car makes it to the showroom, it looks as if it just rolled off the assembly line. There is not the hint of a problem anywhere to be found, which makes prospective buyers feel confident that the car is well maintained and ready for the road.

Homes, like cars, need to instill a sense of confidence in buyers. The buyer needs to believe the systems, from plumbing to guttering, all work well. They also need to believe that the home will accommodate the needs of their whole family. They need to be able to imagine coming home to this particular house after a hard day’s work and feeling comfortable and satisfied. These things, then, are the bailiwick of the home stylist.

When you call upon the services of house stylists Sydney, you are employing a team that studies and thoroughly understands the nature of your target market. House stylists can pinpoint the differences between selling to a baby boomer and to a millennial, right down to what colour the bathroom should be in order to gain the most approval. This intimate information is actively gathered by the stylists through countless ongoing studies, surveys, and focus groups. It is in this way that the stylist learns how to speak the buyer’s language.

First your stylist will visit the home, take careful measurements, and make many notes. In a short time, he or she will come back to you with a list of things to be done to prepare your home for market, and a plan to accomplish all the work with as little stress to you as possible. (There are usually several package offers that will do more or less to suit your budget.)

Once you have agreed on a budget, the work begins. It could include painting, having the air-conditioning system inspected and serviced, and hiring professional cleaners to remove hidden dirt in the crags and crevices of your home. Just as in the auto dealers detail shop, all signs of the previous owner will be systematically erased. This step is critical in order that the new buyer can comfortably ‘see’ himself or herself owning and enjoying this particular home.

After the home is immaculately clean, the styling service will bring in furniture to demonstrate how elegant the home can be. The appointments used will depend in large part upon the market you’re targeting. Above all, the home will be designed to appeal to the largest market possible. Then the fun begins.

When agents show a well-styled home once, they do it over and over again. Naturally, they understand right away that such a home will sell quickly and will garner the highest offers, so they work a bit harder to sell it. It becomes money in the bank to them, just as it is to you. Such special attention is thanks to the house stylists Sydney whose precise planning makes the house a buyer’s magnet.

If you’re looking forward to a really lucrative real estate transaction, your first step is to call the specialists at Urban Chic Property Styling. We will look forward to hearing from you soon.


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