Are you among the fortunate who have a separate bathroom for the exclusive use of your guests? Bravo. In some quarters, that’s the sign of ultimate opulence. When the time comes to stage your home for sale, though, remember that those who will inspect your listed house or will see it online will be imagining their own guests there. You’ll want to be sure that your property presentation Sydney is elegant and upscale as much in this specialised spot as elsewhere in your home.

Of course, you’ll want to be sure that there isn’t a speck of dirt to be found in this space. Look for it hiding in and around shower doors if that facility stands alone, or along the rim of the tub where the wall meets the fixture. Scrub the tile grout. Scour the sinks and pay special attention at the base of the toilet.

Check the room carefully and eliminate any annoying and expensive water drips. Does the toilet run? Fix it. Dust the water supply lines. Polish towel racks and benchtops. Dust ceilings and corners.

Once you’ve seen to the impeccable cleanliness of this little corner of your world. Look to the lighting.

Begin with the windows. Unless your guest suite is in a basement where no windows exist you’ll want to maximise the natural light. This can be done in a number of ways that can also deal with privacy issues. Window blinds are a great fix for bathroom windows. They can bar the view from outside and still let plenty of light inside. Sheer curtains are another good way to solve privacy issues without blocking natural light which is, after all, the best light for any room.

If you’re a bit bolder, consider installing one of the many styles of window film that can provide privacy AND gorgeous light. These rolled films come in frosted or opaque finishes – even offering the look of stained glass. Installation is very easy and once done, can give a small bathroom a new lease on life.

Consider the lighting scheme in this bathroom as you would any other. Remember, a light fixture over the mirror can be easily and inexpensively replaced. If you don’t feel comfortable handling electrical projects, your home stylist can recommend a handyman who will do the work for a reasonable price.


In thinking of the things you’ll use to stage that guest bathroom, consider what you found in the nicest hotel you’ve ever enjoyed. A stack of fluffy towels are a must. Invest in new ones if you can then display them in a charming way – a commodious basket works well. (Be sure to include thirsty-looking hand towels.)

Invest in a new, eye-catching bath mat or rug to give the place a bit of new, bright colour.

Bath essentials are of secondary importance in staging this room, but a matching set of dispensers on a tray makes for a nice vignette. Also, don’t neglect to bring the outside in by the placement of a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant. Mother Nature is essential to making any room appealing to others, including buyers.

Add a candle or two or a reed diffuser to give the room a fresh scent. Don’t overdo this. Too much “air freshener” smell makes the buyer think you’re trying to cover something up. You want a subtle scent that says “clean and fresh”.

One note: resist the temptation to fill your bathtub with floating flower petals or mounds of bubbles. Remember, buyers don’t want to be over-sold. Each room in your house, including this guest space, wants to be clean and inviting and offer a sense of comfort.

If you’ve never staged a home for sale before, do consider consulting with a specialist. Those who work daily in the field of property presentation Sydney are sources of incredibly important information. These professionals are constantly in tune with the ways of home buyers. If there is a new secret in the housing market, your stylist will know about it. What’s even better is that a good home stylist can tailor a staging plan to meet your needs at a price you can afford. Call the home staging pros at Urban Chic Property Styling today.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Corinthian Doors and CSR Gyprock Plasterboard.

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