Staging your Home for Autumn
As summer winds down, you may be preparing for what can be a mighty undertaking. Selling your home in autumn creates a few challenges you might not have considered. If you are planning to list your home for sale this autumn, we’ve asked a few staging and property styling Sydney experts to share a few of their autumn styling tips.
First Impressions
Just because the seasons are changing, don’t let your landscaping foul your first impression. Always think about what your prospective buyers will see when they approach your door. Be sure leaves are raked away and the lawn is properly mowed and trimmed. Setting out a few potted chrysanthemums for colour at the entry is an excellent way of saying ‘Welcome’ to the people who want to fall in love with your gracious home.
As nights grow longer and natural daylight comes at a premium, find ways to let more of it illuminate your space. Lose heavy curtains and other window treatments. Let every available ray of sun into your space. Artificial lighting sources become more important in autumn and winter and should be carefully placed to maximise the warmth and welcoming atmosphere of your house. Ask your home staging specialist about using full spectrum lighting to replicate full daytime light in your spaces where windows are small or non-existent.
One of the differences in a summer sale and an autumn one is how you choose and use colours. Warm tones seem to play into the human need to prepare for winter. Even in those climes where harsh arctic winters are only found in storybooks, warm colours like caramel and coffee make a gorgeous backdrop for your prospective buyers to imagine their new lives. Add a few pops of intensity in shades of red and orange and your home will seem more inviting.

Optimise the Snuggle Factor
Scientists have recently confirmed that home buyers respond powerfully to the emotions professional staging and property styling Sydney companies generate. Over 90 percent of the buyer’s decision-making process is driven by emotion. Home buyers want to fall in love with the home they buy. It is for this reason that your home staging plan needs to take feelings of welcome and security to a new level. Think about the cues which signal those emotions to you, then add them. Taking the time to add some cosy throws and kindling a fire are steps not wasted on potential home buyers.
Speaking of Fireplaces
If you have a fireplace, autumn is the time to rearrange your furnishings to make it the focal point of your living room. Add a few autumnal touches to the mantlepiece, but be careful not to allow the trappings of the season steal the show from your lovely home.
Be Scent-sitive
There was a time in the home staging industry that burning candles or simmering potpourri were all the rage, filling the home with scents meant to comfort prospective buyers. These days, the psychology of this treatment is in question. Why? Because buyers might believe that the perfume in the air is merely covering up nasty odours or the smell of mould. This is a question you should allow your home staging professional to answer.
When you focus on the emotions your home creates within potential buyers, you are making use of the tools that dominate your buyer’s home-buying process. Playing to emotion may be the best way to seal the deal since the biggest part of the human brain is engaged in the process. (Of course, presenting a clean, well maintained home just adds to the allure.)
Investing in the work of the best home staging professional you can find is one of the key components in selling a home. Regardless of the season, the help of staging and property styling Sydney experts is essential to help your house sell much faster and for far more money. The investment you make in professional staging tends to come back to you over and over again. Homes that are professionally staged regularly sell for more than the original asking price. Such homes also sell faster because the emotional connection between the house and buyers is nearly instantaneous. Selling in autumn can be just as lucrative as in any season if you know how to engage the buyer.

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