It is no secret that in today’s real estate market, the best thing you can do to guarantee excellent results is to bring in the professionals. Research done by the real estate industry confirms that by bringing in a home stylist, or home staging specialist, to assist you in staging your home to sell is the most effective tool you have.

Australia’s top selling real estate selling agents, as well as agents around the world, agree that the first thing any seller should do is to make a relatively small investment in home styling in order to get the best results. Not only do professionally styled homes bring higher offers and higher sales, they also sell much faster than unstyled homes.

Buyers today are interested in getting the entire house buying process over and done with. They want a ‘move-in ready’ home without the hassles of repairs and deferred maintenance. Nor are they interested in haggling over the price of work to be done with the seller. They simply want to make an offer and move in. And while it’s rarely that easy, it makes sense that in today’s busy world nobody wants to buy work.

For this reason, professional home stylists make it their business to help sellers remove the obstacles that might interfere with quick and lucrative sales. If your stylist sees a problem that may delay your sale, he or she will suggest ways to overcome the problem before your buyer ever sees it. The result is, when your buyer walks through the door it is love at first sight.

People imagine that the decision to buy a home is based on economics and, of course it is to some extent. Nevertheless, research shows that the decision to buy is fueled by emotion more than one might imagine. When you have staged your house to sell, the buyer immediately feels “at home” in your property. That reaction is critical. If the buyer isn’t captivated by your home in the first seven seconds of walking through the door, he probably won’t buy. Love at first sight happens very quickly.

It follows that the way to create that emotional attraction between the buyer and your house is to make use of every jot of data available on the likes and dislikes of prospective buyers. This is why professional home stylists make the winning difference in home sales. The home styling industry has done extensive research and, if you’re very astute in choosing your stylist, will also have years of experience in real estate sales. These two factors, together with the finer points of design and styling principles, combine to make the most powerful force in real estate sales. Attraction sells houses.
Whether you want to engage a property stylist to simply advise and consult with you or to give your home the full spa treatment from kerb to back fence, there are many options available among the property stylists in the greater Sydney area. Your hardest job may be selecting the property styling team with the best track record.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we have combined all the very best features in property styling. Not only do we have many years of successful real estate sales experience, but we also own an extensive array of different furnishings so that we can style your home in the very best way possible to complement the setting, the architecture, and the overall appeal of your home. If you want the beachy, breezy look of the Hampton’s style or something more sleek and contemporary, we can meet your needs in the unique way your property deserves. When it comes to the business of staging your home to sell, one style does NOT fit all.

Call us today to discuss how we can bring our expertise and sense of style to staging your home to sell. At Urban Chic Property Styling, our specialty is creating irresistible attraction – love at first sight.

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