Unless your home is a classic style that requires the use of era-appropriate furnishings, it’s a good idea to style or stage your home with new, colour-coordinated, and scaled down furniture. Not only are there no smells or stains in brand-new upholstered furniture, those familiar with furniture styling Sydney tell us that selecting furnishings to enhance the home requires a thematic component.

Homeowners, particularly younger ones, almost never purchase an entire room of furnishings at the same time, let alone furnishings for an entire home. Because, as we all know, furnishings can be expensive we buy a recliner this year and a modular sofa eight to 10 months later. Fashion in furnishings, like any other trend-following adventure, changes at a moment’s notice. So do the preferences of furniture buyers.

When you hire a design team to prepare your home to woo the buyers in your particular market, you ask them to bring their best game. You expect that they will transform your home into a magnet for buyers who will, in turn, find the home to be totally irresistible. You expect, since you’re paying them, that the results will be the industry standard which involves a quick sale that surpasses the asking price.

For that reason, it makes sense to trust your professional at furniture styling Sydney and that expertise in which you’re investing. If your style team finds a piece of your furniture compelling in his/her first visit, your stylist may ask you to leave it behind to be used in the ultimate staging. If there is another plan in play, for example the extremely popular and alluring Hamptons Style, none of your furniture may fit the bill. So, pack it up and either move it to your new home or, like many others, put it into your rental storage unit to wait until the new home is available.

Unless you have a ready place to store your belongings until you move, renting a storage unit is just good business when it comes to preparing your home for sale. The first steps in making your current home ready for sale will involve decluttering and depersonalising your home. This will mean moving all the personal pictures, excess furniture, extra dishes and other belongings out of the picture. That picture, as you probably know, is the new one your stylist is preparing for the new owner who will paint their own future there.

Sometimes homeowners have difficulty letting go of the old home and its memories, but doing so is critically important in the ultimate sale. Your memories need to move with you and the sooner you move them totally out of the house, the easier it will be for the stylist you’ve chosen to do his or her magic.

Another important point when it comes to hired furniture to be used in staging is that one of your stylists most important duties is to make your home feel larger and more expansive. This is done through paring down the number of pieces in each room. It also involves using smaller pieces which leave more space.

If you’re very wise, you will choose a home stylist who owns a large inventory of furnishings in a number of styles so that your home can have a thread of continuity in style. (Many styling businesses rely on hiring furnishings from yet another vendor, which can make the thematic concept fall apart when some styles are not available. Better to go with somebody who owns the furnishings they supply.)

By calling Urban Chic Property Styling when you’re ready to sell, you have the best design team in the business who also owns and maintains a huge selection of furnishing options carefully curated so that each home can be perfectly appointed. When it comes to furniture styling Sydney, nobody beats Urban Chic Property Styling in the selection department. Call us today for your consultation.

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