If you read the newspapers, you might imagine that the real estate market in Sydney has come to a screeching halt. You might think that the bottom has fallen out of the housing market and the sale prices for houses in our area are in free fall – but you’d be wrong. The fact is, there is a market correction underway and, yes, housing prices are not as robust as they were eight months ago, but the Sydney property stylists we work with tell us that houses are still selling and people are still shopping for and buying that dream home.

First time home buyers are still eagerly watching internet listings to find the place they’ve been looking for and, even though they are not prepared to leap before they look, they are investing. Carefully. Property sellers – at least the very smart ones – are still making excellent profits on their real estate investment.

While other home sellers are in panic mode, the savviest sellers are evaluating the housing inventory and beefing up their property in order to better compete. In order to win in the real estate game, you’ve got to keep your cool and shift your attention to one-upping the competition.

There are more houses on the market today. That means that buyers have much more to choose from. If you have an ordinary house it’s time to make it extraordinary. You need amazingly gifted Sydney property stylists to give you the edge you need. Fortunately for you, there are property stylists on just about every street in the Greater Sydney area. On the flip side, you’ll still have to find out which one is the best.

Of all the qualities a stylist must have to win in this fluid marketplace, experience is the most important. A property stylist who has been around long enough to understand market fluctuation and what it means is golden. There’s the rub. Even though the concept of styling property has taken the world by storm, most property stylists are newbies. They have only just begun their careers in design – just climbed aboard the property staging train during the recent boom.

The best property stylist to employ is the one who has seen the market in its peaks and its valleys and knows how to adjust the product (your house), to fit the current need. If your stylist hasn’t been around for at least 20 years, you’re not getting the benefit of real experience.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, our start came decades ago when property styling was relatively unheard of. Back in those days Juliana Gowen, our foundress, was a successful real estate selling agent. She became successful by understanding that house hunters were happily surprised when a house was not simply left empty. Juliana caught on to the trend of staging early on. When she learned that a staged house, complete with furnishings and art, was able to whet the appetite of the buyer so effectively that sales followed quickly, she began to stage all the houses she sold. The rest is history.

The stylists at Urban Chic Property Styling have decades of staging experience under their collective belt, and they have so very much more. Training in interior design coupled with real estate experience is part of the mix, to be sure. The other part of the winning recipe is the understanding of the buyer. That knowledge only comes from extensive research and study of the people who actually buy houses. If you don’t know what they want, it’s impossible to create the ideal setting for the buyer’s dreams to come true.

The home staging industry invests heavily in the study of the market and the buyers who make it what it is. In this way they can transform plain houses into dream homes custom tailored to the needs of the buyer.

To brave this changing real estate market, it’s critical that you have a knowledgeable guide beside you. It is this experience that will help you keep your head while others are losing theirs. Allow the real estate experts at Urban Chic Property Styling to help you overcome the media hype. We understand property sales. When it’s time to bring in Sydney property stylists, you only need the name of one home staging company to get the job done: Urban Chic Property Styling.

Image courtesy of Urban Road.

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