Of all the Greater Sydney suburbs, Sutherland Shire has the reputation of being a bit more traditional. Properties here are as special as the property owners who live there and the buyers who seek to join the Shire’s lucky residents in their celebration of all things Australian. Our experts in staging homes, especially those who specialise in property styling Sutherland Shire, understand that Sutherland Shire is different. They know that properties here need a little something extra to attract the buyers in what can seem to be a more selective market. This is the reason that sellers in the Shire need the most gifted stylists able to walk the line between traditional and boring.

In places like the Shire, a new way to evoke retro style is the order of the day. Enter the stencil. Wall treatments that are rolled off the printing presses by the square metre can work in areas like this one. Wallpaper, and even faux painting techniques that have been the rage of late, can give the Sutherland Shire home or apartment the feeling of comfortable conventionality with the flash of a free spirit that can spice things up.

Because the world of stencils is ablaze with innovative ideas, patterns, and techniques we might forget that stenciling is a very old, old idea. Prehistoric cave dwellers may have been the first to use stencilling to decorate their world. Cave art from as far back as 9,000 BC shows us that early man was placing hands on his walls and blowing pulverised pigments around them to recreate the shape. So, why not incorporate this art form as you are preparing to make your Sutherland Shire home ready for new buyers?

Stencilling isn’t limited to accent walls, hallways, or children’s rooms. Today, with specially formulated paints, we can give our pool deck or patio the look of an ancient Roman spa. The transformation takes a bit of patience and time, but it can net you a huge harvest of “ooooh’s” and “ahhhh’s” when potential buyers visit. Talk about return on investment! This is a place where your time and effort with a few simple materials can help you rake in thousands of extra dollars when the offers start rolling in.

The internet is positively awash in companies that provide stencils and stencilling materials. You can find a world of products and styles to shop for 24 hours a day and available globally, but before you settle on a pattern or plan consult with your specialist in property styling Sutherland Shire. Your home stager is the ultimate authority on what your buyers want and how they want it. Any upgrade or modification to your home, right down to the paint palette, should be made only with your stager’s approval. (Along the same lines, when you go to the financial advsor and hire his or her expertise, it’s folly not to follow their expensive advice.)

The other professional whose help you’ll need is your paint professional. When you’re taking on a project that can and will transform your home, you want to do it right. Particularly when patios and outdoor living areas are in the offing, you will need the correct kind of primers and paints to do a stellar job.

In the next few days, we will show you just how easy making a statement in stencils can be inside or outside. Not only will you have an amazing new focal point to wow the buyers, you will also find that stencils can disguise problem walls, or economically correct problems underfoot that have the potential to cost many thousands to repair.

In the meanwhile, we would remind you again that your selling team members, including your real estate selling agent and your house stylist, should be included in any and all projects that are likely to make a major impact on buyers. If you’re going to impress somebody, it’s useful to know who they are and what knocks their socks off.

Any good stylist can help you weigh the pros and cons of projects like these, but only the best, most experienced ones are able to offer solid advice that will turn into cash. When it comes to making property styling Sutherland Shire decisions, look to Urban Chic Property Styling. They have decades of experience in making homes in all of Sydney’s suburbs shine. Why not gain the advantage of stellar styling with the pros at Urban Chic?

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