In staging your house for sale this spring, not just any furniture will do the trick. Hopefully, by now you understand the importance of staging your home for sale. It’s possible, though, that we’ve not explained thoroughly why your furniture choices should be strategic ones – each meant to be the solution to a particular need. It isn’t as simple as a home-selling recipe: place two fresh chairs in the centre of the area rug, add furniture hire Sydney, and then allow to sit undisturbed for six weeks. The choices you make should amplify your house’s ability to meet the requirements of new buyers.


Most new buyers are faced with a disappointing reality. The amount of money they have to buy doesn’t allow them to begin to afford all they want in a dream home. These buyers have to settle for less. Among the most upsetting realities is that the house they buy will not be as large as they hoped. Space is money in the real estate world, and buyers don’t have enough of the latter to afford the former.

As you prepare to ‘dress’ your house for the listing period, know that you must choose furnishings that make the house look larger. This means paying careful attention to the scale of the pieces. Putting an average size sofa in a postage-stamp-sized living area is not the answer here. Instead, finding a sofa that actually fits the space and gives the appearance of ‘room to spare’ is what you’re looking for.

  • Choose a sofa with tapered legs that place it above the floor to open up the look of your floor plan
  • Pick minimalist end tables and chairs without arms
  • Massive or heavy-looking pieces take up lots of visual space so putting them in a small living room will overwhelm the space
  • Choose glass or Plexiglas pieces to add visual space
  • Select furnishing pieces that are multi-purpose, such as ottomans that can double as seating when needed instead of a coffee table that simply holds up candles.



When the time comes to consider dressing your rooms, call in an expert at furniture hire Sydney who has a number of really excellent vendors who can provide you with everything you need to complete your room in one place. Between you and your home stylist, you can choose from a showroom full of furniture pieces and décor to complete a room.

The art on the walls and the items you choose to display on your bookshelves should be just as strategically selected as the slipper chairs. Each item should serve to make the room appear larger.

Mirrors are especially good at fooling the eye – hence the magical catch phrase “smoke and mirrors.” The illusion of extra space can absolutely transform a tiny room into a space that appears to be expansive. Strategically placed mirrors and reflective surfaces are one of the very best friends a home stager can have when working in a small space.

Less is More

Not only is it important to choose pieces that expand your room, you need to avoid the temptation to stuff the space with, well, stuff. A room with ample space between the items placed there just looks larger. There are actual rules to determine the amount of space necessary between seating areas and the pieces within each area. Rely on your home stager to know where and how to place the perfect furniture for your perfect room.

Don’t Settle for Leftovers

When it comes to hiring furnishings for your house, your home stager will know which company is reliable. It’s beyond frustrating to choose the pieces you need to make your room look larger then discover on installation day that the sofa you chose isn’t available just now. Some company’s feel free to substitute what they have for what you selected in the first place. Such a substitution can spoil your entire look.

It’s critical that your carefully worked-out plan gets carried out precisely. In fact, in looking for a home stager you are ahead of the game when you choose a furniture hire vendor who is also in the business of staging homes. Relying on a company that provides full service home staging — not just all furniture, but also delivery, setup and removal – can be a sanity saver. It can also give you the small room remedies you’ve carefully planned without a moment’s worry. Call Urban Chic Property Styling for a comprehensive solution to your home-staging challenges.

Image courtesy of Wall Art Prints.

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