Preparing your home for sale requires some special steps that yesterday’s seller didn’t have to bother with. These days, sellers almost always choose to have their property staged to make the most of the house’s attributes and to help diminish the perceived – or actual – flaws in the place. Property styling for sale in Sydney’s red-hot real estate market also requires some extra attention to other details.

Unless your home is a mansion or an historic property, chances are your selling agent and your home stager will aim to show and sell your place to one of the millennial buyers. This group of buyers has eclipsed the baby boomers as the world’s largest group of home buyers. They are totally different in what they like and those things that will cause them to run screaming into the night.

One simply met need of millennial buyers is one of organisation. In the past few weeks we have offered suggestions about how to organise your kitchen and your bathrooms to appeal to buyers who want plenty of space. We do this by decluttering and simplifying the way we store what we keep. One place where this process is critical is in the wardrobe. Whether it is in your master bedroom or in the laundry area, organisation depends more on thoughtful planning than it requires a big investment.

We’ve discussed the fact that one of our goals in wardrobe organisation is to move items off the floor and into vertical storage systems. This is particularly important with shoes. Even if you have shelving space that you’ve dedicated to your footwear, you can make the wardrobe appear larger if you use a VERTICAL plan to confine your shoes.

The same is true for your clothing. When you look at closet organisation systems and kits, you’ll see that we no longer store our trousers and shirts willy-nilly on a single long closet rod. Instead, we use the vertical storage idea to hang shirts on one rod above a second rod where we hang skirts or sports coats.

We can add more rods if we like to store our maxi-dresses, overcoats, or wetsuits. Any odd space left over can be made into shelving or drawer units for handbags, sweaters, or socks. There are racks for ties or scarves and the list goes on. These systems are genius. There are even sliding pants-racks that eliminate hangers altogether.

Whether you decide to go whole-hog and totally re-do your wardrobe space or merely install a few of these handy mix-and-match components, you can make property styling for sale more effective if you make use of organisational aids that are available for even those who have a strict budget.
If you are inclined to go with baby steps, try some of these little fixes:

• Invest in matching hangers. Lose your wire hangers and buy a sufficient number of wood – or even colour-coded plastic – hangers to make your wardrobe look professionally organised.
• Sort your clothing into pants, skirts, jackets, blouses and shirts. Then hang each group together in colour order. This will help you find what you’re looking for in a hurry and the efficiency of your system will not be lost on the potential buyer.
• Get your shoes, motorcycle helmets, and ski boots off the floor. Open, uncluttered floors automatically create the sense of space. Buyers LOVE space and this configuration will assure them that their stuff will fit.
• Hooks help. A few well-placed screw-in hooks can give you a place to stash your robe, your belts and scarves, and/or your dog’s leash if you’re organising the hall cupboard.
• In that hall cupboard, do invest in a boot rack where you can store rain gear near the door and where little people won’t lose theirs.

A little organisation can go a long, long way in capturing the attention of a millennial home buyer. They, like the rest of us, are seeking ways to make sure their new house will always stay neat and orderly. A few clever, inventive ideas will help you make your efforts at property styling for sale pay off in a big way. Your property stylist will have other ideas to help you get the most out of the sale of your home.

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