Let’s face it. Apartment living is suffering from an image problem in the midst of a pandemic, the
problem being communal spaces such as entry foyers and lifts where social distancing can be
difficult. Selling an apartment may therefore be more challenging right now than in the past but
many people are still seeking the low-maintenance, convenient lifestyle an apartment offers and
exceptional property styling can give you the edge to sell quickly and at the right price.
In these trying times, we advise clients intending to put their apartment on the market to speak with
their body corporate about making communal spaces as appealing and COVID-safe as possible. The
entry foyer, stairwells and any lifts should be sparkling clean at all times and prominent signs
advocating social distancing and advising that all communal areas of the building are sanitised on a
regular basis will go a long way towards reassuring potential buyers coming into the building to
view your apartment.
Once potential buyers are inside your apartment, at Urban Chic Property Styling we use many tried
and true property styling ploys to ensure that your apartment wins them over immediately. Here are
just a few ways we look to maximise the appeal of your apartment:
1. First impressions really do count

Is the entrance door to your apartment distinguished or daggy? At the very least, it should look solid
and secure, fresh and clean, and have a good quality (freshly sanitised) handle. If there is space, a
brand new doormat and a lush pot plant can make your entry look even more inviting.
Next, look at the first view potential buyers will see when your selling agent opens the door. Make
this view as appealing as possible. If you store coats, shopping bags, umbrellas etc right at your
door, remove them all out of sight and replace them with a slim console table and tall vase of
glorious flowers. If the flooring has seen better days, a new rug will save the day.
2. Make the spaces appear larger
Lots of light, a lack of clutter and a well-planned furniture layout will maximise the sense of space
in your apartment. If your living space lacks natural light, add well placed lamps to highlight
features and up the light factor. Ensure your living area has a striking focal point such as a large
artwork and that the layout flows well with no extraneous furniture to bump into.
When we are styling apartments for sale our big magic trick is the use of mirrors. Placed at the end
of a corridor or facing a lovely view these can do wonders to make rooms appear more spacious,
brighter and lighter. Using shades of one colour for walls and furnishings is another magic trick to
make rooms feel more open.
3. Maximise outdoor space
Any outdoor living space can add huge appeal to your apartment so make the most of it. Whether
it's a spacious terrace or small, but usable, balcony, make it look fresh, appealing and comfortable

so potential buyers can picture themselves enjoying a morning coffee or entertaining friends in their
new outdoor space. If possible, introduce potted plants indoors to extend the feeling of
indoor/outdoor living.

4. Create a bedroom sanctuary
Use neutral colours to make your bedroom/s seem larger and reduce the number of furnishings to
maximise the feeling of space. Using a double bed instead of a queen, for example, will also make
the room feel more spacious and relaxing.

Above all, your apartment should be uncluttered and so clean it shines. After that, the Urban Chic
property styling team can work their magic to ensure buyers flock to view your apartment and fall
head over heels in love with it. A recent survey of top real estate agents revealed that professional
house styling can boost your property selling price by 7.5 to 12.5% … or sometimes even more! On
a $1 million dollar property, this could mean an additional $75,000 to $125,000 in your pocket.
In today’s competitive market, professional property staging has become an essential step in the
selling process. There is tremendous opportunity to make substantially more profit from your
property sale with property styling. The key to achieving this is by enlisting the help of the best
possible house stylists.
Here at Urban Chic Property Styling, our friendly team is made up of professional real estate
marketers and qualified interior stylists with decades of experience and expertise in house staging.
We understand the pressures of selling a property and are here to help you.
Want to find out more about how property styling can help you sell your apartment? Contact us
today for a free quote.

Image Courtesy of Brabbu Design Forces and H.O.C.K.

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