To Style or Not to Style

by | Mar 7, 2018

Home sellers across Australia must eventually have a conversation about whether or not to have their property professionally styled. Most successful real estate selling agents consider bringing a professional stylist onboard the real estate selling team to be a no-brainer. It turns out that homes that are professionally styled will sell for an average of 17 percent more and usually be snapped up in a matter of days, not months – so it’s only natural that your selling agent will urge you to make the investment in staging your home. Beyond the ‘dressing’ your home, the question of what furnishings and how they should be placed will also arise. Furniture styling Sydney has its own personality, and a gifted professional staging company can help you find the right answer for your property.

Scaling the furnishings within your house can play an incredibly important part in wooing a qualified buyer. The question of how a piece of furniture will look in a living room that is for sale rarely comes up when we are shopping the showroom for a new sofa. We look at a sofa with an eye toward comfort and style – how it will fit our family – when we buy it. Later, when we are thinking about how to arrange our living room furniture to capture the attention of buyers, that same oversized sofa may become a problem.

Almost always, we aim to make our rooms appear larger when we want to sell our homes. Buyers want spaciousness in a home and large, bulky furnishings can detract from even big rooms. Instead of using your massive couch in the staging of your home for sale, your home staging professional may want to place smaller pieces within the room in order to make the entire space expand visually. Unless you happen to own your own furniture company, you may not have many extra sofas to choose from.

A top-notch styling company does.
One way to know you’re dealing with the right professional home staging company is to look at their inventory of furnishings. Many such companies don’t own any furnishings of their own. Instead, they rely on hiring furniture from other companies to style your house. A really good company will have a large inventory of furnishings that includes a wide variety of pieces in an array of colours and styles to complement any architecture or theme. In this way, they can produce the look you want at the drop of a hat without having to consult with far-flung vendors.

Another way to measure a styling company is to learn who will be delivering your furnishings. A successful styling company should have their own fleet of delivery trucks with installation personnel who know the ropes. A sloppy installation or removal can leave marred floorings and scuffed or even badly damaged walls. Look for a company with a solid reputation for delivering quality.

Because your styling company is on the cutting edge of making a listed home look sensational in every way, your styling team will also have access to area rugs and art as well, all in perfect scale to the furnishings you choose. When your stylist finishes with your home, it will look as if it were just featured in a home décor magazine. It will appear perfectly put together, and it will also be the sort of place where prospective buyers can imagine their lives playing out.

When the time comes to have the discussion with yourself about home staging, remember that your final sale price may well depend on the presentation. The most important factor in the ultimate sale is a matter of emotion. Yes. Your open fireplace and air-conditioning unit will play a part, but the fact is that 95 percent of the buyer’s decision making will be based on emotion. That means your furniture styling Sydney and the other touches you’ve employed to make your home unforgettable will be essential.
As you consider your many options for professional home staging, we ask that you give Urban Chic Property Styling the opportunity to help. We are a well-established professional home staging company with a huge inventory that will make furniture styling Sydney for your home stress free and absolutely perfect. Call us today.

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