Preparing your home for sale can be challenging. First of all there’s all the decluttering and revising the number of things you own. This exercise is swiftly followed by the removal of your own memorabilia – family photos, favourite artifacts from holidays past, and even the family pet that is to be kennelled until the sale is complete. Then there is painting, repairing, and the final round of cleaning the nooks and crannies you may not have actually seen since you moved into the house. It can be exhausting, frustrating, and if you pause in the middle of the project and wonder if it’s worth the extra effort, you won’t be the first homeowner to question the advantage styling actually has in the real estate market.
When you use your car as a trade-in on another vehicle, the dealer will quickly whisk the old family car away to the detail shop where it is vacuumed, shampooed, and polished. Its paint chips are made to disappear and its tires are polished, as is the chrome and every other hard surface. Dealerships remove all odours and replace them with “eau de new car” so that, in the end, the next owners will feel as if they purchased a brand new vehicle. (And the price tag for your old car will reflect this attention to detail.)
Your home should enjoy the same level of commitment to perfect presentation.
When you consider the fact that your home sale may be the largest business deal you ever take part in, the work is probably justified. However, if you are a busy human being — a parent, an entrepreneur, a teacher, or anybody else whose contribution is expected regularly — you may need to think twice. Before you mire yourself in the work of dressing your own home for success, carefully evaluate the amount of time you can actually contribute to the staging of your home.
Big, demanding jobs that take all your time and attention are often passed off to the professionals who do them regularly and, depending on how much you value your own time, this can be the best route to take. Alas, in life, we must often recognise and make allowances for our own limitations.
Enter the home styling professional.
People who make their living partnering in this way with real estate professionals are so used to pulling all the right strings to get the best results in home staging that they waste no time in getting the job done. They already have a list of professional painters, carpenters, and appliance repair specialists. They know how to schedule the work so that plumbers and electricians are not stumbling over each other and dragging out the process.
Staging industry professionals have invested heavily in research and the development of a broad set of winning scenarios that apply to most buyers. Home stagers who understand the advantage styling can bring to a home sale can potentially improve your final result by as much as 12 percent more than the price you’d expected. Best of all, the cost for this service is nearly always covered by the increase in the sale price.
All in all, paying for the services of a home staging professional is a winning wager of a very small percentage of your home-sale capital. Given the potential for return on your investment and – perhaps more importantly – your ability to continue to complete your regular activities without any major dysfunction to you or your loved ones, the price tag for professional styling is a pittance.
If selling your home is on your mind, call us today.
At Urban Chic Property Styling, we have decades of experience in the process of presenting homes at their very best and most irresistible. Our satisfied clients are the first to recommend us and actually volunteer to do so. Over the years, we have honed our advantage styling skills to the point that our clients actually encourage us to use them as living testaments to our expertise. We are proud to point to real, verifiable reviews made by our satisfied clients as proof that Urban Chic is the pinnacle of home staging in the Greater Sydney Area.

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