Suburban Selling Strategies

by | Mar 23, 2018

A look into the websites of real estate agencies confirms what property owners in Sydney’s Western Suburbs knew all along. Homes and apartments located in the Western Suburbs are more affordable and – therefore – are a great bet in terms of investment. First time home buyers and savvy property investors often use properties here as springboards to more expensive properties later on. With a bit of refurbishing and property styling Western Suburbs dwellings can easily provide seed money for bigger and better investments down the road.

If you already own a home or apartment on the outskirts of Sydney and are planning to sell, real estate agents first recommend hiring a good home staging company to style the property. The competition in the Sydney market is keen to begin with, so giving your property a fighting chance by enhancing all its good points and down-playing the less-than-perfect aspects are essential steps to landing a top-dollar buyer.

Why are you keeping that?

Home styling begins with decluttering. As it works out, moving to a new home also has this as a first step, so facing the uncomfortable chore of tossing out the junk is unavoidable. Start small and work your way up to the big things. As you evaluate the drawers in your kitchen, for example, ask yourself why you’re keeping each item you find. If you don’t have a good answer, toss it. This applies to old greeting cards, ancient grocery receipts, charging cords for old mobiles, and that collection of plastic grocery bags you will never, in three lifetimes, find uses for.

How will this item inspire potential buyers?

Of course we are attached to family photos and souvenirs from long ago holidays. These things need to be relegated to the storage unit prior to listing your home in the Western Suburbs for sale. Sorry, but buyers are not interested in your memories. They want to make new memories in your home, so do everything you can to erase your own family history before you let prospective buyers in to inspect the property. Depersonalising your home is an important step that all property styling Western suburbs professionals recommend to make yours a more universally appealing piece of real estate.

Clean is the absence of dirt

Your home stager will recommend that you have your home professionally cleaned. It isn’t that you have not kept pace with everyday dirt – it’s that the pros can find grime in places that nobody else would think to look – like under the refrigerator, on the side of your kitchen range, or behind the toilet. Buyers will look in the most amazing places for signs of neglect and your job #1 is to be sure they fail to find anything that might send up a red flag.

Finish that ‘to-do’ list

If you’re like most people, you have a mental list of things that need to be done on a regular basis to keep your home in tip-top condition. Most people have postponed or ignored some of these chores. Clean the gutters, repair the leaky tap in the laundry sink, tighten the screws in the doorbell, and call in the pressure-washer guy to clean the oil-stains on the driveway. Little things like this can help to give buyers the secure feeling that your home has no hidden defects or latent big-ticket repairs in store for them. It is that feeling of security that will help your buyer know that your home is worth buying.

It’s a daunting task to be certain you’ve covered all the bases in preparing your home for sale. Rest assured, though. Attention to these details, however small they may seem, will help you achieve a larger, more lucrative real estate transaction. Professionals in the property styling Western Suburbs business know and appreciate the impact of leaving no stone unturned in preparing your home for listing. Having an experienced property styling firm in charge of this process will give you the edge you should have in order to stand up to the stiff competition in the Western Suburbs housing market.



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