If you’re selling a home in Sutherland Shire, you may have hit the big jackpot. With great schools, nearby beaches, and a national park to call its own, Sutherland Shire is possibly the best of all Sydney’s regions for young professionals with families. Since millennial buyers are now the most prevalent group of home buyers on the planet, finding a buyer for your Sutherland home ought to be simple enough. However, millennials come with a whole new set of real estate rules according to our professional property styling Sutherland Shire associates.

Millennials have a vastly different set of ideals for living as compared to their baby boomer predecessors. The boomers wanted a big lawn, swing sets, and didn’t mind if their home eventually owned them. Millennials have lots of outside interests, which makes them a bit skittish if a home looks like it will take much of their valuable time to maintain.

This new set of buyers work very hard; they play hard too. They prefer skydiving to gardening, and they are not likely to spend their precious down time renovating the kitchen. A home seller who has done their homework will find ways to totally eliminate the small signals that might tip the buyer off to things that will need repair in the foreseeable future. That’s where your home styling professional comes in.

People in the real estate industry will tell you that the first thing you should do to sell a home in this day and age is hire a first-rate home styling company. Stagers, as they are sometimes called, make it their business to learn everything they can about the buyer who is most likely to be interested in your property. The styling industry does never-ending research about the lifestyles of the different market segments. Your stylist – if you hire a resourceful one – will be able to tell you what your buyer wants, right down to the colour of bedding in the master suite.

Having this kind of inside information can make for a nearly instant sale. (Homes which have been professionally staged sell in 11 days on average, compared to the average 90 days on the market for unstyled homes.) It turns out that, after your prospective buyer enters the home, he or she will have either fallen in love with the place, or written it off their list in fewer than 10 seconds. Obviously, your specialist in property styling Sutherland Shire has to use all the resources available.

Because the millennial home buyer wants a home that is not just squeaky clean, but also energy efficient, easy maintenance, with a few organisational surprises thrown in, you’ll be ahead if you do things like having your air-conditioning unit, your roof, and your plumbing checked so that your agent can present the home to buyers with a clean bill of health. For that matter, a complete home inspection is not a bad idea.

From there, your property stylist can give you a list of things to do from painting to replacing a noisy garbage disposal unit. If you haven’t the time to do such chores, your property stylist can supervise the work for you as part of the contract. You can simply go on with your own busy life while your property stylist takes that particular load off your shoulders. When the work is finished, you’ll have a home that even the pickiest millennial will swoon over.

Your biggest challenge will be to find the best property styling team for your money. That can be difficult since there seem to be styling firms popping up on every corner these days. Our best suggestion to you is to find a company with a sterling reputation.

At Urban Chic Property Styling our reputation is so solid, we actually give you names and phone numbers of our customers so you can get a first-hand review. When it comes to property styling Sutherland Shire, our history of satisfied clients is just one way you can be sure that you’re in the best hands possible. Come sit down with us; view our expansive inventory of furniture, art, and décor. Get a few references and then make up your mind. You’ll be happy you chose us to help sell your Sutherland Shire home.


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