Why is Home Staging in Sydney Important?
We get this question often. Why is it so important to hire Sydney property stylists when you are selling your house? It’s true that property styling or home staging, as it is sometimes called, is important any time you hope to sell property for top dollar. It’s especially so in Sydney
Is selling a home in Sydney different from selling anywhere else in Australia? Yes. Sydney is such a fast growing city that businesses and their employees are moving here in droves. The competition is fierce, as you may already know. We probably don’t have to tell you, property prices here have soared. That’s a good thing if you’re a seller, but not so wonderful if you’re the buyer.

If you’re going to shell out a million bucks for a place to live, you expect something more than the basics. You want to be WOWed. You want to fall in love with the property and know that it is this very house where you want to live for the rest of your life – or at least the next 10 years. You want the house to look like the goals you’ve set for yourself in life – you want it to look like it’s the dwelling of somebody who is making his/her mark on the world. It needs to reflect your goals.
Unfortunately, most home buyers don’t know precisely how to imagine a vacant house in such a way. It takes a bit of furnishing and some accessorising to make a vacant house look the part. This is where Sydney property stylists come in.

Years ago, property styling was a trick only known to developers or apartment complex owners. Back then they learned that setting up a ‘display home’ made buyers see how really lovely a place could look when it had furnishings, art, décor, and other amenities. Houses and apartments with those things in place captured the attention of buyers. It didn’t take long for real estate selling agents to catch on to this selling bonanza.

The other driving force behind the need to stage your Sydney property before you list it is the internet. Home shoppers spend countless hours online looking for their perfect home long before they contact the selling agent. About 90 percent of the house hunting that gets done around the world is done online. This means that your listing photos must be sensational. Professional staging can make this happen. With the help of a really good home stager on your sales team, even a modest house can begin to look like that million dollars we mentioned earlier both online and in person.

A professionally staged home makes buyers more likely to make an offer on the house. They make those offers faster. Best of all, they make bigger offers on such houses. Having your home professionally staged is the way to get it sold quickly. This is a function of the fact that we humans seem to instinctively understand the law of supply and demand. We “get” that if we really love a house, we need to act quickly. Poof. Sold.

It doesn’t hurt that when a selling agent sees a house that stands out from the rest, they parade the home before every client they can. These bright agents know a good thing when they see it, and understand that such a house will move fast. So they double down on the sale of your house. “Somebody is going to sell this property soon. It might as well be me!”
This, then, explains why a home sale in Sydney is just a bit different from anywhere else. With that said, professional home styling is catching on everywhere. It has become the first thing selling agents advise their clients to do for the sake of bigger, quicker sales.

When the time comes for you to sell your house, let us be the first to advise you to pick up the phone and call the best Sydney property stylists available. Urban Chic Property Styling has been transforming homes in the Sydney area for decades. Our talents and our years of experience put us head and shoulders above the rest. If you want to sell a home in Sydney or her suburbs, call a team with a proven reputation.

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