In spite of the fact that the real estate selling agents with the best track records for quick sales at high prices nearly always recommend professional home staging for their clients, there are still those who wonder if property styling services are necessary in the real estate world.

There are many who recall the day when selling a home was a matter-of-fact process that didn’t have bells or whistles attached. There was a selling agent, a homeowner, and perhaps a banker. The entire process was so much easier. Alas, it wasn’t as lucrative then as it is today.

When savvy developers realised that by preparing a ‘display home’ or apartment in their subdivision or building, buyers were much more likely to pounce upon the possibilities presented therein, the real estate world changed forever. Now, professional presentations are the rule, not the exception. Buyers have come to rely on the imagination and skills of stagers to help them ‘see’ how the home would fit them, and the overall result is higher prices and speedy sales.

Still, not everybody is convinced. For those of you who have determined that you have the skill and the patience to stage your own home before you list it for sale, but who are design challenged, allow us please to suggest a field trip. If you are planning to stage your home ahead of listing, you need a crash course in how to create rooms that will appeal to most people. The best place to find such rooms are in high-end hotels or resorts. Not surprisingly, these lodging facilities are already staged perfectly to excite guests from all walks of life and can give you a blueprint for success.

Common Areas

No matter what the ‘theme’ of the hotel or resort you’re visiting, you should spend some time in the lobby looking critically at the way it’s decorated. Look for the focal point – that place your eyes automatically fall when you enter. Notice how the (fireplace, picture window, waterfall – you can fill in the blank here) is the star of the show? Other lovely features and cosy seating arrangements exist, no doubt, but your eyes and your physical person are drawn towards the focal point. You are meant to feel welcomed and at home.

There are furnishings of a style that complements the architecture, and art that does the same. Look at prominent textures and patterns and see how they have been chosen to give you the sense that you are meant to sink in and relax.


When you check into your hotel, take good notes. You’ll notice that colours are warm and welcoming. They are also neutral, for the most part. Neutrals have a way of making those who see them feel at ease and comfortable. This is precisely the feeling you want to create in your home. Buyers don’t want to feel as if they are out of their element – as a matter of fact, if they do, they are highly unlikely to make an offer.


The guest rooms and suites are similarly decorated – tastefully yet minimally. If there are not actual live plants, images of natural features are prominent. The bed(s) are perfectly made with elegant linens and an array of comfy pillows. (Please, no more than seven per bed.)


Notice that there is no clutter anywhere. Everything you see is essential to the function of the room. Bathrooms feature a few elegant looking dispensers or specially chosen soaps and lotions. The beautiful room is dressed with lush, fluffy towels that beg to be used.

Your own home, once you’ve staged it, should be tasteful and not overdone. It should be classic yet accessorised perfectly. This can be accomplished with lovely furnishings that match the size and scale of your rooms and that easily meld with the architecture of your house and some excellent choices in art and décor.

Consider consulting with a property styling services pro and hiring some elegant furniture and décor to set off your home off perfectly. We’ve discovered that not everyone has a wide range of furnishings to choose from in staging their own homes. Thankfully, a really excellent property styling services provider has their own inventory of lovely things that can be made to enhance any home setting. And, of course, the cost of such amenities is flexible enough to make it affordable for anybody. Call Urban Chic Property Styling today and explore the many home styling packages available to help you stage your home for sale.

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