We all hope our house makes a dramatic statement. What does yours say? Some houses say some pretty interesting things – not always what the home seller wants them to say. When a home is listed for sale the statements a house makes can sometimes work to un-sell an otherwise delightful property. By carefully using the advantage styling can offer you can improve your odds of selling for more money in a shorter time frame.

Street Appeal

The first impression your house makes on potential buyers does so at the street. Here houses say, “Hello, and welcome home,” or they can say, “Hi there. Hope you’re ready to do some cleanup work.”

If you’ve hired a professional staging company to coach your house, it will give buyers a happy and comforting greeting and assure them that they can relax and enjoy living there. This is critically important since most buyers want to move in right away without too much work. The condition of the backyard will also impress the prospective buyer. Hopefully it will say similar things.

The Entry

The front door should be equally welcoming. Fresh paint and bright, homey potted plants are helpful as are new house numbers and attractive lighting.

Inside, home-buyers gets their first idea of space. When an entry area is professionally staged it appears to be large and airy even if it’s the size of a postage stamp. This is because stagers do everything in their power to create the sense of space in your home. All buyers are concerned with having enough room to put their things. This means that overcrowding or chaos in any space in your home is counter-productive.

The things that help in the space department are rugs of the correct dimensions and furnishings with the appropriate scale that fit into the room and make it appear larger than life. In your foyer as well as throughout your house, scale is just as critical as style.

Living Areas

From the living room to dining, kitchen, and even hallways, the look of tasteful, understated elegance can be created by the use of well-chosen furnishings and décor.

Your buyers will be evaluating the way the house works as they go through the individual rooms. Not only are they wondering if their dining room table will fit into the space you have, but they will also be wondering what their employers will think of the space when they’re invited for dinner. Today’s buyer is particularly interested in having a house that reflects his or her goals and ambitions – doing this well can be the biggest advantage styling can offer. The buyers of the 21st century want to be seen as successful.

The furnishing arrangements your stylist has established will assure the buyers that there is ample space in each of these common areas. Not only that, the buyers will not have to worry over where the entertainment/gaming centre goes or where Mum can catch up on Pinterest.

The kitchen will be made to look large enough for a master chef, and well-organised enough for a beginner to look the part. Generally, the kitchen will be understated in order to inspire confidence.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

It’s probable that your bathrooms already have their standard statements ready. (If they don’t, your stager may suggest some renovations to make them more eloquent.) The two rooms in any house that can make or break a sale are kitchens and bathrooms, so money spent here ahead of the listing will be well-spent and very likely to re-pay your efforts.

Bathrooms should say things about quiet enjoyment of a luxurious bath. They should be elegant and utilitarian all at the same time and if they do not say so, your stager will create those qualities.

Bedrooms, particularly the master, will also be elegant. They will probably not be gender specific but will take on the qualities of a high-end hotel that promotes relaxation and romance without being too obvious about the latter.

Wardrobes in bedrooms can benefit from any and all efforts to demonstrate organisation. Any place that is meant for purposes of storage must be very clearly ample and able to tame the wild nature of shoes, boots, jackets, and motorcycle helmets.

Before you list your house for sale, walk through it from front to back and listen carefully to what your property will say to prospective buyers. If it EVER says “crowded” or “small,” it must be given a new mantra. Consultation with somebody schooled in the ways of housing statements can give you the ultimate real estate advantage styling.


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